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Entitled boss fires injured driver, about to learn a $520,000 lesson.

Entitled boss fires injured driver, about to learn a $520,000 lesson.


A story about a horrible boss isn't rare, but a story about a horrible boss who gets exactly what's coming to him definitely is. On Reddit's Work Reform community, where employees come to vent, compare, and discuss the everything related to grind culture — one driver has a story with some serious karma.

'A**hole boss is gonna learn'

So I worked for a towing company as a tow truck driver. I kept my truck spotless, kept my uniforms clean, went above and beyond every customer's expectations, did everything perfectly.

October 13th 2022 i got slammed into on the highway while i was barely moving as i was heading to a car fire and was using an emergency vehicle turn around to get to the burning car so the highway could be reopened. I had all my lights on and police even declared other driver 100% at fault for the crash.

Now here's the f**ked up part. The pain in my back started about 2 days later. It was brutal. I needed to take time off work and try to let my back heal. 4 days after saying i needed time off, i was forced to come back because they were short staffed apparently (not my problem but alright, i'll try to help out a bit).

I had to work reduced hours with reduced heavy lifting (no tire change calls, no full shifts) as ordered by my doctor. Well, owner decided 'lets load him up with all the tire changes and he must work full shifts.' I gave him the doctor's note (stating i couldnt due to the severity of my injury (cervical spine had shifted and discs were grinding).

Well i was determined to follow my doctor's orders so i didnt end up in even worse shape. Apparently, thats where i went wrong. The owner called me at 11:15pm while sounding drunk and yelled at me saying 'PARK THE TRUCK AT THE YARD! LEAVE THE KEYS AND GAS CARDS IN THE TRUCK AND F*CK OFF AND DONT F*CKING COME BACK!'

Alright f**kface, lets play then. Before bringing his truck to the yard i filed a claim with workers compensatikn board and i filed a complaint against the company with employment standards (if you f*ck up, they can fine the sh*t outta a company and they force that company to pay out properly for wrongful dismissals like in my case).

Employment standards called me yesterday and they plan to go after the company for a lot, as this is not the first complaint they've had against them for this type of situation.

Company could face about a half a million dollar fine. They will also have to backpay me for every day i should've worked from time of wrongful dismissal to the time of the investigation being over.

Turns out i'll make over 20 grand on this, the company will be out over a half a million dollars and if they dont comply, their business license wil be revoked, the trucks will all have parking boots on them and the company doors will be chained shut.

F*ck around and find out done properly

People in the comments wanted more.

From billwyyy:

OP, please contact a labor attorney for your particular situation. This company deserves to hang with how your boss treated you.


Lawyer up and sue them for the pain and stress


I do workers’ comp as part of my practice. I busted a tow truck company trying to forge the signature of my client’s deceased husband. He was killed on the job. They forged documents afterward saying he was an independent contractor. We hired a forensic document examiner to prove it. His wife got a handsome payday.

F*ckin’ good for you. Roofing and Towing companies seem to be the worst offenders, at least in my state.


Some good news! I hope your injuries make good recoveries, I work in Healthcare and the doctors don't just give those notes out for fun.

I hope the people inspecting him find him drinking on the job


Reading this story got me biting my lower lip and sh*t. Good, f*ck these bosses and companies that think they’re untouchable. Take as much as you can from them since they’ll never learn.


Yea lawyer up, down the road when your back is still giving you aggravation, you’ll realize 20 G birds isn’t near enough


You were probably one of, if not THE, main income producers for him. So when you went down he realized how f*cked he was and decided to take it out on you instead of be good at his job.

Now take that piece of work to the cleaners. F*ck bosses, of any scale, that can’t recognize their good workers

Any good lawyers out there?

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