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'I'm a nanny and I think my boss is tracking me.' UPDATED 3X and CONCLUDED

'I'm a nanny and I think my boss is tracking me.' UPDATED 3X and CONCLUDED


I think my boss may be tracking me.

This is really weird to post, and I feel crazy for even thinking it. But so many weird things have happened over the past month I've been working for this family, I feel like I need a second opinion or someone to tell me if I'm going crazy.

Like I said, I've worked for this family since just before the new year. They have two kids, 2 and 8. I know they have trackers sewn in to the 2 year old's diaper bag and the 8 year old's backpack, she told me about them and I obviously have no issue with that. The kids are great, MB (Mom Boss) is a single mom who seemed really lovely from our first few meetings.

A few weeks ago, she sent me a text asking if I could come in now because she got called in to work. I lied and said I was in (big city in my state) visiting my sister for the weekend. It was a dumb white lie because I didn't want to be asked during the weekend if she kept being called in, as that has happened multiple times before and I really needed a full weekend to myself.

She simply responded "You don't need to lie, I'll find a backup." It definitely gave me super weird vibes and was super embarassing, but I shrugged it off and figured she may have been at Trader Joes earlier in the day when I went, or she saw my car, something like that.

Then this Tuesday, I came in and she was definitely cold towards me. I had been out celebrating a friend's birthday Monday night at a bar, but I nursed one drink the entire night and was never even tipsy. I take showers in the morning and wore clean clothes, so there's no way I smelled like alcohol.

But she confronted me and accused me of being hungover, said I reeked of booze, and kept asking if I had a drinking problem because why would I be drinking on a Monday night? I was really put off, and told her the truth, that it was my friend's birthday and I was just out celebrating with her and some other friends and hadn't even drank.

She paused for a super long time and just nodded, and left for work like nothing happened. MB is super religious and very vehemently anti-alcohol, but I still feel like it was a weird accusation. I asked my girlfriend when I got home if I smelled like alcohol or anything somehow, and she couldn't smell anything.

Earlier today was the final incident that really cemented this stupid conspiracy theory in my head. I took the bus this morning when I normally take my car because I'm extra broke right now and need to save gas. I got to her house around 10 minutes early, but sat in a little wooded curb area for a while until it was my official time to start.

5 minutes before my start time, MB texts me "Have you left yet?? I have a meeting at 10:30." I am NEVER late. I walked in early, and she looked confused. When I mentioned taking the bus, she literally said "Oh that makes sense." What the hell do I do? I looked all over my car, in my backpack, and in my car's carseat.. I couldn't find anything. Am I overthinking this?

What do you think is going on? What would you do if you were her? This is what top commenters had to say:

nosleep4JohnsMom said:

I'd report the airtag to the police. I'd also start looking for a new job.

plaidpants033 said:

This is so creepy. Do you drive the kids in your car? It does sound like she’s tracking you. The way she accosted you on Tuesday is extremely inappropriate, too. I would look for a new job honestly.

littlelou222 said:

What in the hell did I just read?? Eww no no no. I’d go to the police for SURE! There is no way that legal. I’d have a hard time not ripping her a new a**hole. Like someone else said leave it there, take pictures and contact the police. Keep records of all the texts and stuff too.

AZBeer90 said:

Ok so you found the airtag. You can (and should) confront your MB but if you really wanted to be more passive about it, take the airtag to the police. File a report with them that you found this tracking device on your car and have no idea whose it is, they will keep the air tag.

Then, you can nonchalantly say to MB when you see her that you think you have a stalker since you found a tracking device on your car over the weekend. Whether she says something or not and owns it, you can follow up by saying that you've notified the police and made an official report of a potential stalker. Let her feel 1/10th of how you feel knowing this now.

Edit: you can even use this as a way to resign. Tell her you don't feel comfortable driving her kids with a potential stalker out there. If she owns up to it to keep you, say well I don't feel comfortable working for you knowing you think it's ok to track me. If she doesn't own up to it, oh well you don't work for her anymore but maybe she learns a lesson.

Later that day, she posted this update:

I just looked with the help from yall, and found an AirTag ductaped to the underside of my car. So, very very creeped out currently. Not sure what to say or do now.

Update (same day): My employer put an AirTag on my car.

Hi, I'm having some major issues right now. For the full story check my post history, but the gist is that I'm a nanny for a single mom of two. I've only worked with her for about a month, and I knew she was tracking her children's location. After a series of weird comments, people recommended I check my car for AirTags using an Android app, and I found one very well hidden and ductaped under my car.

I am super creeped out. I live in California, what is possible here? Can police do anything? I don't feel safe to confront my boss, and have called out sick today.

Update: Posted one week later.

If you saw my post from last week, you know I found an AirTag under my car put there by my MB. Sorry for not updating sooner, I've been stressed and busy trying to get another job pretty much all day every day. So I ended up calling the police. They came to my place and checked out the car, AirTag, etc, and they went and spoke with MB.

AirTag was in her name, by the way, I know some people were suggesting it could be someone else (which sadly was a probability for a while because I do have a stalker, only making all of this more stressful). MB was shocked that I had called the police over the tag and totally tried to gaslight the officers.

She said that she put it there to make sure I wasn't speeding and as backup if I lost their bags with the trackers. She also flat out lied and said she had told me, but I must not have been listening. They just gave her a warning, and no further action was taken. I honestly don't think they really took my concern seriously. If anything, they seemed to side with her perspective. So that's awesome. Sarcasm.

I'm obviously not working for her anymore, and have blocked her phone number because she was belittling me over calling the police over "her keeping her children safe." On to the next job I guess. Anyone with advice on how to warn other nannies in my area is appreciated.

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