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Sexist car salesman's firing plays out in public through dramatic Google reviews.

Sexist car salesman's firing plays out in public through dramatic Google reviews.


Look for a business on Google and you're bound to find a mix of reviews. Rarely, however, do you see a specific employee called out by name. When you do — you know something's going to go down (and that it's probably someone's career). On the Google review page for a car dealership in the Dallas area, a familiar name kept coming up. In two reviews, the attitude of a certain 'Derrick' clearly needed an adjustment.

The first one-star review set a precedent:

'The salesman, Derrick, that came over to help my mom look at cars was really rude and completely uninterested in selling her a car. He seemed very misogynistic in his attitude as well.'

'He got pushy at the end. Wouldn't recommend the dealership. They had no inventory which was disappointing. Have called several other dealerships in the DFW area and my mom will buy elsewhere.'

In the next review, he makes a customer cry.

I have never been more ridiculed in my entire life. My credit isn't the best and when I called Derrick (one of the sales reps), he went on and on about how there was 'no way my credit could be that bad if all I had were student loans.'

He also couldn't believe that I was 40 and my credit was that bad. I hung up abruptly and was in tears.

And now, Derrick's own review of the business. Read between the lines and karma, it seems, loves a used car.

'Not a place that stands behind their sales people. I am a 22 year vet. I received 2 bad reviews on Google (from woke snowflakes) in 1 week. And then got fired/canceled by the organization.'

'If you're into cancel culture, buy your car there. If not, make better choices. Either way, if you're thinking of working here, work at your own risk.'

The Reddit comments on the aptly titled r/ByeByeJob community didn't feel too bad for ole' Derrick.

27hangers wrote:

'Canceled by the organization' is probably my favourite way I've seen someone describe getting fired.

Sparty219 said:

It’s amazing how these people see the entire world through the lens that Fox News provides them. People aren’t complaining - “woke snowflakes” are. Clearly, real Americans would never complain.

He didn’t get fired, he was “canceled”. Their entire world view is fed to them each night by Tucker and even when their lives are truly impacted, it is all they can see. If it weren’t so well deserved, it would be sad.

And post_talone420 pointed out the obvious:

This is a good way to cut yourself off from future jobs. His last name was attached to his posting. Now future employers can see what kind of worker he is

On that point, a word of advice to Derrick. Stay off Google Reviews. If not, choose a pseudonym. Can we suggest George Costanza?

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