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Manager fires employee; so his friend nails the interview just to send a message.

Manager fires employee; so his friend nails the interview just to send a message.


Here's what we love on the internet: bad bosses and sweet and/or petty revenge. On Reddit's notorious Antiwork community, a story's going viral this weekend that combines all of the above. Go ahead and give this man a standing ovation when you're finished reading. OP writes:

My former co-worker just got sweet revenge on a bad boss

To set the stage, a coworker (let's call him Bob) was fired a couple of months ago. Bob oversaw a pretty large team, was well liked by everyone (in and outside of his team), and generally was seen as the ideal employee.

Unfortunately, the only person that didn't agree was Bob's boss (John) — it's not exactly clear why John didn't like Bob anymore, but he claimed Bob wasn't meeting his deadlines/goals and fired him. John then took Bob's job, reassigned about half of the responsibilities (because it was an unreasonable amount of work for one employee) and posted the opening.

John has been interviewing candidates for Bob's replacement and narrowed it down to some outside candidate and another former coworker (Adam). Adam used to be on Bob's team but left shortly before Bob was fired for a much better position somewhere else.

It was a big surprise to everyone that Adam wanted to come back after making it pretty well known how dissatisfied he'd been working at our company. In any case, Adam really is perfect for the job and went through the lengthy interview process and was selected as the final candidate.

John called to offer Adam the position, and he said, 'No. I would never work for you again. You're the reason I left in the first place.' Adam made it pretty clear he'd only applied to waste John's time since he's still friends with Bob.

Panicked, John just tried to call the other candidate and he's already accepted a better job somewhere else. Now John has to start over with finding someone.

The ballad of John and Bob: a story of worker solidarity. Here's how the internet took it.

From Piddy3825:

F*%k you, John. Everybody knows that employees don't quit jobs, they quit shitty managers...

From: SuckerForNoirRobots:


From Old_Presentation8316:

And try explaining why the selectee declined after approval.

From Ukhupa:

'You're the reason I left in the first place.' In a fair world, this would be cause to immediately assign the boss to a PIP that they'll only pass once employee perception of them is overwhelmingly positive. Someone quitting because of you should be cause for massive introspection.

From Haunting_Water_180:

Adam is wholesome! Adam is union rep material!

If the writer's guild wasn't currently on strike, this would make for a great workplace comedy.

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