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People whose NDAs got voided share dirt on their former bosses.

People whose NDAs got voided share dirt on their former bosses.


This past week, the National Labor Relations Board clarified that 'employers cannot include blanket non-disparagement clauses in their severance packages, nor demand laid-off employees keep secret the terms of their exit agreements,' according to VICE. In other words: companies cannot force employees to keep their mean thoughts to themselves (in some cases — be careful!).

In the wake of news, Reddit celebrated with an Ask Reddit post prompting employees to share the dirt on their former employers.

'Blanket NDAs are now illegal. What can you finally tell us about your former employer?'

1.) From crackpotpourri:

They bought back a sh**load of shares from employees under the pretense of “we know the extra cash is better now than later!” and then went public shortly thereafter.

The bonus is that the CEO then admitted he was using “some” of that money to finance his divorce.

2.) From Quercus408:

They misused pandemic assistance funds.

3.) From NonConsistentCalc:

One of my old bosses reprimanded an employee after the employee called HR to file a complaint about him. This is because the HR employee happened to be a friend of the boss in question, and the HR employee blabbed about it to the boss. The boss did not get fired but he did get reassigned not long after. Not sure what happened to the HR employee.

4.) From Driftwood1884:

I discretely took my NDA (I was in charge of them) when I left. My boss is a fucking ***** and not even her kids can stand her. That is all.

5.) From moodychurchill:

Our sales department deliberately used deceptively vague language when selling extremely expensive travel packages to disabled passengers.

They routinely left caregivers stranded with no accommodation other than “the floor” or sleeping in the same bed as their patients. They also routinely failed to provide accessible bathrooms for disabled passengers.

They also lost/damaged wheelchairs and mobility aids. There was little to no sympathy for these passengers and their caregivers when they rightly complained.

When I tried to raise the issue with higher ups I was labeled a trouble maker. I left the company back in 2019 but I know nothing has changed in regards to sales. The price for the cheapest trip offered was over 2k cnd per person for a two day trip. The average booking was 8k for a 5 day holiday. They charge much more now.

Can you imagine paying 8 thousand dollars and not being able to shower, or your mobility aid being lost. Then when you complain you are told you were never promised anything only “we will do our best” or “that shouldn’t be a problem!”

F***ing disgraceful.

6.) From rotatingruhnama:

I worked for the political consultant best known in DC circles for having gotten a dead fish in the mail from Rahm Emanuel.

The consultant was a super weird boss. Full of shady business practices, including expensing all of his personal shit like family vacations to the business.

But this is the story that tends to blow minds:

My former employer had me print out his emails so he could hand write his responses, which I would type up and send back.

ETA: no, I wasn't his assistant lol. He was too cheap to hire one. So he'd pull people off time sensitive client projects to do this crap, which turned everything into chaos. One of the many reasons turnover was high and the business failed.

7.) From The_RoyalPee:

A publication I worked for completely embezzled from the parent company. The editor in chief hired their best friend as creative director. Creative director contracts their husband as a “men’s fashion editor” when the publication had no men’s fashion section and was not a fashion-related pub.

He was paid thousands monthly on retainer and almost never came into the office, and if he did he never did any work. On top of that he was paid usage fees for travel images he took and were printed.

That family took a one week trip for a story, brought their child, and submitted a $40,000.00 expense report after for it. Oh, then there were the future invoices for her husband’s usage fees for his photos, while they were being paid to be there because it was for a story.

Other editors in chief from other publications were given a $25,000.00 clothing budget every year and a daily black car driver to take them to the office. When I worked for another title in the building that EIC submitted a very high expense report which included his groceries.

The company would even provide interest free down payments to EICs for homes but they stopped doing that.

Meanwhile they ran multiple rounds of layoffs a year, consolidated staffs so they worked across multiple titles, and paid peanuts to regular employees. I was laid off from that company twice within 2 years and they didn’t vest my 401K match because both times I missed the cutoff by months.

8.) From RoscoeFreidland:

I worked for a school district that changed grades to boost graduation rates.

9.) From ProfessionalSpite866:

That the founder is purposely bankrupting the companies so no inheritance will be left to the family

10.) From Drix22:

My old company was praised for the percentage of females hired, we were 80% female and 'progressive'. We won awards for our progressiveness in the industry.

The male director who took the credit for his 'vision' hired women because he liked to shit in peace in the bathroom.

11.) From Fandorin:

I worked for a great Fintech start-up that got acquired by another company that was pretending to be a Fintech, but was actually a private equity company that would buy and gut competition.

The owner of the new company is a real life billionaire villain. He bought an island and cut off beach access to the locals. A real piece of sh*t.

My team wasn't touched in the acquisition because we were deploying the product to the customers, so we were the ones that brought in the revenue. At one point, the new owner was a huge twat to my awesome boss.

At that point we started a mass exodus. 90% of the team left in the next 2 months. This killed a $10M project and set the fucker's acquisition goals back by years.

12.) From prettyqueerdad:

I worked for a company that f**ked up itself by biting off more than it could chew, and then a competitor went under, which flooded the market and fucked over the company I worked for even more

Most of the company has been laid off by now CEO went before anyone else

The new CEO? the same f**king shitty CEO that sunk their competitor

Who the f**k would see a competitor fail, have it nearly take themselves down too, and then hire the same fucking idiot a few weeks later

13.) From freesedevon:

The weather forecasting company I worked at a while back didn’t actually forecast. They just copy/pasted products from the National Weather Service and slapped their logo on it.

14.) From 30andhurty:

They laid off 160 people so they could afford to give the COO a 30% raise.

15.) From outrigger047:

The filtered water dispenser in the cafeteria produced floaty chunks of goodness for too long a time. I had to drink bottled water.

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