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'Anti Work' Reddit mocks Elon Musk for laughing at Twitter's welcome email.

'Anti Work' Reddit mocks Elon Musk for laughing at Twitter's welcome email.


The news that Elon Musk finally bought Twitter brought a torrent of headlines and worries, from those concerned about content moderation, to those speculating on political ramifications, to those who can't believe someone spent $44 billion for Twitter.

But today, Reddit's infamous 'Anti Work' community — the place where people commisserate and post grievances about their work conditions — got ahold of one Elon Musk tweet in particular.

Elon Musk posted an automatic email he got upon joining Twitter officially.

'Just received this email from Twitter,' wrote Musk. 'This is an actual, real email that was autogenerated.' The email was clearly a form email sent to new hires, laying out the deadline to take a managerial training program.

On Twitter, the replies were full of strange bots spewing nonsense and disturbing arguments about nothing. On Reddit, the conversation was a little more focused:

SwayzeOfArabia wrote:

$44 billion to send himself to manager class. Brilliance.

JerryRiceOfOhio2 wrote:

Thinks he knows everything about everything because he has money. Sounds like every manager I've had to work with

0kaylol wrote:

Tell me you've never had a job without telling me you've never had a job.

CralwerSeigfriend wrote:

I was in charge of sending this sh*t out at my job. We did not send it to the CEO. The CEO was a special butterfly who was meant to be kept happy by everyone. He didn't even have to do the brain dead 'don't click on random links' training that everyone else has to do.

Cajuncrustacean wrote:

I mean, dude's been fired from similar positions for incompetence twice. He could probably use whatever training he can get.

FrankFrankly711 wrote:

Pff Rich People don’t need to learn stuff! They already know everything, how else did they get rich? It’s cuz they totally came from nothing, and pulled themselves up by their bootstraps with no help at all! They’ve got F*ck You money!

Illkeeponwaiting wrote:

This man is so irritating in every way

NotThatValleyGirl wrote:

Honestly, getting all new managers onbiarded with manager skills like this indicates Twitter has performance standards for managers and a leadership strategy that attempts to assert some level of consistency in how the company wants managers to operate.

More companies should do this as a major driver of high turnover is poor managers. Just because people are good individual contributors or brilliant coders or sellers or marketers that doesn't mean anything about their ability to lead and manage a team.

Cronkytonk wrote:

So… is he laughing at the “demonstrate care for your team” part?

WIthoutlimits83 wrote:

Great, now he’s going to fire the HR dept

Enjoy these kinds of threads before Musk buys Reddit.

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