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Bar owner refuses overtime, so manager maliciously complies him into ruin.

Bar owner refuses overtime, so manager maliciously complies him into ruin.


Reddit's Antiwork community rarely gets visitors from across the pond. But, apparently, word has spread of this community — made for owner-bashing and worker-vents — and a British pub manager dropped in to to share their own tale of revenge. He wrote:

'My boss stopped paying people so I shut his pub'

I used to manage an amazing pub/restaurant back in my old city. It’s a 16th century coaching inn that had recently had a multimillion pound refurb.

I more or less got on with the owner but I knew he could be a bit of a tool so I kept my eye on him. I hired all the staff and worked closely with them, they were all 18-25 and I was early to mid 30’s at this point so I saw them as kids that were my responsibility.

I genuinely liked nearly every member of staff I ever hired and wanted the best for them. ….

Here’s where we get into it - every week I’d input the hours my staff worked and send it over to the gaffer to pay. One day about 5 years into my tenure he told me he was taking over that job, obviously alarm bells rang as he’s a known penny pincher.

As anyone that’s worked this job knows, it’s common for staff to stay later than rota’d quite often if the place is really busy or someone calls in sick. My staff were happy to help me out as they know I’d help them out if needed and often they need the extra cash.

My boss decided that if people worked late or came in early, then they wouldn’t be paid for it. Staff that accounted for that money were left short that week. I had 18 year old girls crying on my shoulder saying they can’t eat, I was furious. I ranted at my boss and he gave excuses and said he’d look into it and refused to reimburse staff for what they’d worked.

Luckily at this point I’d lined up a new job because f*ck this guy. I went to work on the next shift and my replacement in the evening (just as it was getting busy) was late. Now I’m no sucker, I do not work for free and neither do my staff.

I went around the pub and told every customer that we were closing and told them why. I took food off people and returned their cash and threw it in the bin. I sent all the staff home and texted my boss telling him, “hey the assistant manager was late taking me off, as I knew I wouldn’t be paid for this extra work I’ve closed your pub.”

Maaaaan he was going crazy. Phone rang off the hook and got ignored. I was put on gardening leave meaning I was getting paid for no work for a bit. I went into a disciplinary meeting hoping to be fired (so I could appeal and get more gardening leave) but they knew that I had too much on them so they tried to just give me a ticking off.

At which point I told them about themselves in no uncertain terms and then quit. In the following week the entire staff except the a** man quit too.

The pub is on its arse now and he’s trying to sell but no one wants it as it’s underperforming and will cost a fortune.

Posted on Pro revenge and malicious compliance but was removed for not being Pro revengey or malicious compliancey enough. Maybe anti-work can be it’s home?

Indeed it could. On to the celebration in the comments.

From Least_Adhesiveness_5:

Good for you. One item: Report him to the labor board (or whatever it's called in the UK) for wage theft.

From Embarrassed_Brief_97:

Good. You did exactly what you should have. I hope your next gig was much better.

Cheers for that story, mate. I hope it inspires many others here.

From AMC_Unlimited:

The man is an idiot, rule number one; Don’t f*ck with the staff. Sometimes people deserve to learn the hard way. It’s too bad you couldn’t swoop in at the last monument to buy it for cheap, and bring it back to profitability. Adding salt to the wound ya know.

From Fit_Swordfish_2101:

Hell yeah comrade! We all need someone to look out for us like this! He got what he deserved.

From Gixxerfool:

I love this. I love how you watched out and always took care of your staff. That’s how it should be. They would likely follow you into the pits of hell because they knew you had your back. When I have a boss like that I work twice as hard and whistle while doing it.

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