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Woman asks if she's wrong for quitting job over boss lying to her.

Woman asks if she's wrong for quitting job over boss lying to her.


Is there anything more satisfying than telling your a-hole boss to 'take this job and shove it.' For most of us, it's only a daydream, but for Reddit user u/Dazzling-Insect-2530 it was a reality.

After seeing a photo of her cruel boss living it up on Facebook, she had had enough of his bad behavior and quit her job on the spot. Now, she's wondering if she made the right decision.

She's asking the internet, 'AITA (Am I The A**hole) for quitting my job?'

She writes:

I (21F) just quit my job of two years because of a situation with my boss. I want to add that my day off has always been Wednesday. Well, I got a call from my boss at 9:00 am on Wednesday to see if I could cover his sister-in-law's shift because she wasn’t feeling good.

Normally I would go into work on my day off to cover anyone who couldn’t make it, but this was 30 mins before the store would open and we have to be there at 9 am to get the store ready. Also, I didn’t have time to take my son (3yo) to daycare.

I also said no because I have to go see my mom in the hospital (she’s been having heart problems, already has diabetes, passed out, and has been in the hospital for a few days.) Well, when I said no he was silent and then said, “Well to be honest with you, that’s not my problem. I don’t want the next time you can’t work to be this excuse again.'

I tried reminding him it was my day off, but he had hung up. I just went about my day. I visited my mom, around 10 am, and I saw his sister-in-law posted a picture of her with her sister, my boss, and their kids with the caption “Breakfast With The Family.”

I sent him a message saying that I know my mom being sick isn’t his problem but trying to get me to cover his sister-in-law's shift, just so they could go out for breakfast wasn’t the way to go about getting me to come into work on my day off.

He tried lying and saying they didn’t go out and I just sent him the picture and told him I wouldn’t be coming back to work anymore. Now I’m getting messages from my old coworkers, his wife, and sister-in-law telling me that I could’ve just gone to see my mom another day and I made it into a big deal for no reason so AITA?

Koudos to this girl for quitting her horrible job. Her boss could have had family breakfast on a day when his sister-in-law wasn't scheduled to work and avoided all of this drama in the first place, but no. Instead, he shamed her for wanting to visit her sick mother on her scheduled day off.

Thankfully she saw that photo on social media and has decided to move on to a job where she gets the respect she deserves. I guess sometimes creeping on Facebook pays off!

Reddit users agreed unanimously that this woman is NOT 'The A**hole' but her former boss most definitely is.

From Left-Car6520

NTA. You can quit your job for any old reason you like, but especially - especially - for your boss being an exploitative manipulative AH. Call 'em out every time if you can afford it, and don't give leaving a second thought.

From EvilFinch

And to say that she can visit her ill mother anytime... Hello?! You can have a f*cking fun breakfast at your free day! To call in sick and let the boss who is family treat you like shit... OP can be glad that she doesn't work there anymore! NTA

From Labby84

Welcome to nepotism/double standards. It sucks. NTA. Next time something like this happens, a simple 'I'm not available' or 'I have plans' is enough. It's your off time; they have no claim to it. Your plan could be to sit in your underwear all day watching Golden Girls reruns; it's still a plan.


NTA. It sounds like this will be a healthy change for you and your family. You don't have to put up with being treated that way. Good for you!

From Lycoris

NTA at all, good luck finding a better, more respectful job! What he did was unprofessional, manipulative, and technically nepotism. You should report that to your boss's boss, which is probably either the general manager, the district manager, or the owner. Let them all know how unprofessionally he is running their business!

From Suspicious-Treat-364

NTA. I've quit vet jobs before for being treated like an indentured servant. They're always shocked when I don't want to put up with toxicity and abuse at work.

From purplehippobitches

He's a hypocrite. Good on you. Move on to another job. Your boss doesn't appreciate you. With you gone, let him figure out all the shifts you had taken before. Good luck with the job search and NTA

From TaroRemarkable4840

NTA. They could have just gone to breakfast a different day. He lacks compassion and I would have quit too. Just block the ex coworkers. They have no say in your life

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