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16 people share the most 'IDGAF' thing they've ever seen an employee do at work.

16 people share the most 'IDGAF' thing they've ever seen an employee do at work.


Sometimes we're so burned out at a job that we've reached a level beyond "quiet quitting" and fully entered "burn the landscape and keep the change" territory...

So, when a Reddit user asked, "What is the most IDGAF thing you've seen an employee do?" customers, bosses, and coworkers everywhere were ready to share the hilarious moment they realized that an employee has fully given up.


I returned expensive underwear that I'd received as a gift. Each pair came in their own box. The girl at the register opened the boxes and sniffed the underwear. Of course, I asked why she did that. She said that she had to check if they had been worn. Fall down with hysterical laughter. - [deleted]


We had somebody who, in their first week, clocked in, left the store for nine hours, and returned to clock out. They noticed he missed his meal punch and he was nowhere to be found all day and he got fired right away. - sweatycat


Dude was quitting, so for his last few days he drank on the job, dropped f-bombs in front of customers, and mocked a woman for being a vegan. Surprisingly enough, he listed our manager as a reference when he applied for a new job in another state a few years later. - TheMidnightScorpion

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