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16 former Chuck E. Cheese employees share the story of their absolute worst shift.

16 former Chuck E. Cheese employees share the story of their absolute worst shift.


Working in the service industry often comes with a special set of tests of patience, but when the restaurant also involves screaming children, a band of mouse robots, and multiple gaming devices, it's a miracle anyone last beyond the orientation...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Former and current Chuck E. Cheese workers, what are some of the worst things to happen to you while working?' people were ready to share every last, vomit-covered air hockey table-infused detail.


Cleaning puke out of the sky tubes. The smell was horrifying. - hot_oil


'Hey, Sir, someone left a whole bunch of brownies in the sky crawl.' They weren't brownies... - someguysomewhere81


I got kicked in the crotch while in the Chuck E. suit... I’m a girl, and it still hurt. A little girl asked me when the “real” Chuck E. was gonna come out because I was “too short” to be the real Chuck E.

A mom wanted to show her kid that under the costume, it was just a real person and asked if I would take off Chuck E.’s head to show her daughter. I did, and the kid got even more freaked out thinking that the mouse had engulfed me.- m0317k5


The worst part was wearing that rat suit after this this one dude was in it. He took it serious and would get up on the prize tables and get the kids to chant CHUCK E, CHUCK E....I could freakin hear it back in the kitchen over the noise and music. Dude was butt a*s naked in the suit. And he sweat, alot.- hermantioush


Not my story, but my dad’s. This was decades ago. He worked as the man in the suit, and all his friends knew it. He had this one friend, we can call him Gene, who liked to take things over the top.

He was working and suddenly, my dad hears a roar. He turns to see his buddy Gene sprinting at him, full speed, no stop in sight. Boom, my dad is on the ground, head off and the only thing heard was the screams of young children. My dad got fired that day.- idksammi


I was the technician at a Chuck E. Cheese in high school. One day i was covering someone and I had to wear the suit and do the show. On my way back to the room, a little kid runs up to see Chuck E, and stabbed me in the ankle with a pencil as hard as he could.

I rushed into the back room and took off the pants portion of the suit, pulled down my sock, and a bunch of blood poured out. Didn’t even go home early, boss just had me stand at the door.- SunfireCape2g


Two employees having sex in the 'Chuck E. Closet' (Where employees could go change without being in the way of the kitchen or in sight of the kids) while one was wearing the Chuck E head. This was bad because once the closet was unlocked/open you were in sight and we had lots of horrified parents and it was really hard to not laugh.- CECThrowaway123


One of the animatronics failed and became possessed. We were about two weeks away from becoming a Stage 2 store, (next level of upgrades/improvements including removing the animatronics) so they told us just to let it go and try to keep it in check.

It sounded demonic and would turn on at random, like in the middle of the 'Happy Birthday Song' it's head hit a point that it couldn't turn anymore and got stuck moving a few inches back and forth and then caught on fire while trying to demonically still sing.- CECThrowaway123


I worked at a Chuck E. Cheese in high school in a wealthy area, so I got the bright idea to neatly fold and rip off the part of the bill that stated, “Tips are included in the cost.” They weren’t.

I got my coworkers in on it and eventually we started presenting the bills to each other’s parties and saying, “if you’d like to tip your host they can only accept cash” to plant the idea in the parents’ head. One day we got caught. I got blamed. I wasn’t allowed to host parties anymore.

Instead the GM hired his family and friends and allowed them to abuse my system. It was a gold mine, because sometimes I would take home $200 in cash as a 16 year old. I didn’t even make that in 2 weekends of hourly pay. - Shakespeare_Lines


Didn't happen to me but somebody got stabbed. We actually hired a bouncer on our busiest days because we attracted the trashiest people.- koofdakeefsta


I worked there for only 4 months in high school before I quit. Everyone was required to wear the mouse costume. Kids would literally beat you up to get your attention. It sucked because I went to a catholic high school where we wore uniform skirts. Every Monday morning I would go to school covered in bruises.- Bam223


I had to take out the coins out of the machines and refill the tickets and clean. Worst thing that happened was not the shit or vomit in the tubes above that the kids crawl in, but the time a kid apparently had to take a sh*t, but didn't want to go to the bathroom cause he would loose all his progress.

So he takes a sh*t right where he is standing. Guess he was 3 tokens deep so he committed to the game. Well at one point he looses and runs out of tokens. Guess what he does next?

If you guessed walk away with the shit on the floor like it wasn't his. You are wrong. He f*cking grabs his sh*t and just smears it all over the machine like he is frosting a cake. Full on tantrums while trying to talk. Then just wipes their hands on the carpet.- I-AM-YOUR-KING-BITCH


Former: Anytime a kid threw up in the ball pit was an especially horrible day. There were several instances during the 6 years I had worked there, but these times were quite memorable.

There were two ways you could do this, 1. a large, both sides opened, cardboard box, to cordon off the affected area (saying it was a “slow” day and other kids weren’t splashing all the balls around...)

We had very large netting bags so that you could gather all the balls and take them outside and they would be sprayed off... or 2. If the spew was all up in the ball pit then ALL the fucking balls had to be gathered, sprayed off and the inside liner that held the balls had to be wiped down and cleaned.

Only “good” thing about having to take out all the balls, was that you could find some pretty good stuff that happened to be in peoples pockets and fell out (money, pocket knives, and even rings) - DutchInfid3l


I worked at CEC as my first job. On more than one occasion kids went up to the sky netting (?) (basically a birdnest made out of rope suspended in the air) and would take a sh*t. Naturally, since it was netting the shit would fall through and on to anyone who happened to be below...

After this happened a few times we decided to move the carousel ride (which had a roof) under the birdnest so at least it would land on the roof and not someones head.- Hero_Ryan


Had a complaint that a kid was dipping toilet paper in to a women's toilet then eating it. He was. Same kid beat me mecrillessly while I was wearing 'the Rat in Hat' suit, while screaming 'MAN IN SUIT!'

The best was a complaint about the same kid eating from other families tables. He was, and he looked them dead in the eyes while doing it. These were all different days.- BigBearBeer


I have a good friend who used to work at Chuck E. Cheese. Him and his fellow co-workers conspired over the span of a few months to steal the various piece of the suit.

They would claim that 'this part got ripped' or 'some kid messed up this part and we had to throw it out', untill they had a full suit. For what reason you ask? Literally just to take turns showing up to parties in the full suit to make a bunch of drunk people super stoked.- get_it_in_get_it_out

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