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16 bosses share the weirdest reason they had to fire an employee.

16 bosses share the weirdest reason they had to fire an employee.


Firing people is never a fun day at work unless you're a demon from the depths of corporate hell, but sometimes an employee can surprise you with how impressively bad they are at the job they agreed to do...

Letting people go because of budget cuts of unfortunate extenuating circumstances is one thing, but firing the new hire for filling a waterfun with ketchup and spraying it on the sandwiches is a hilarious health code violation. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'bosses, what's the weirdest reason why you had to fire an employee?' people were ready to share.


Technically she quit before we could fire her, but we had a young lady suspected of stealing money deposit bags. She was supposed to be taking them to another location for later deposit, but dozens of them ended up missing. This took months to find out.

An investigation turned up every single missing bag, unopened. Some were in her car, others at her home. She wasn't stealing the money to steal it, just too lazy to deliver them. We have better oversight now, btw. - TheFlounder


My boss had to fire a wоman who fell asleep in her chair thаt faced a window next to the Vice Ρresident's office who caught her snoozing whіle he walked by. It was her first dаy on the job. - edwardshinyskin


We had to install cameras above the grain alcohol vats at my family company because people kept chugging straight from the tap. - Rocket_Dildo


I process termination forms and it said, 'Would not wash tractor' for reason for termination. Always wanted to hear that story. - madhattergirl


My boss had to fire someone because they fell asleep while handling dangerous chemicals in a hood. That person was me and I was diagnosed with narcolepsy the next week. - fingawkward


Guy kept stealing people's lunches from the fridge - enantiodromia_


My boss once told me a story of having to sack someone because he ate with his mouth open - mehmot


I fired someone for continually wearing a perfume they caused allergic reactions for 4 members of my staff. I told her 7 times not to wear it anymore. The last three time I told her it could result in termination.

She walked in after our 7th talk in three months about it still wearing the same perfume. I called HR and had her escorted out of the building. - nivla73


I had to fire my cousin for stealing from my family owned business. WTF. - PaleZombie


I used to work for a security company that had a very unique firing. We usually had to sit at our posts and watch cars or cameras. If we needed to use the restroom we would call over the radio for a temporary replacement.

One girl decided that was too much work and snuck outside to take a dump in an empty bucket. She didn't have any toilet paper so she used her uniform tie to wipe. The best part was when they fired her she asked if she bought a new tie if she could keep her job. - reddit-romantic


Had a guy who came into my computer store (late 90's) and begged for a job. I typically gave a two-week eval period to anyone who convinced me they were capable, technically. This guy creeped me out a bit, but seemed capable. Gave him a sales job.

Forward about a week, and he's late all the time and ALWAYS smells like cat piss. BAD. His hygiene is awful and he's obviously putting on clothes his cats are using for litter. Let him go, he's shocked - SHOCKED I tell you! - Rex9


Guy hooked up with another employee in the staff washroom and broke the sink. Water came rushing out and it made a huge crash which made everyone run in... It was awkward for everyone. - Undeadzombiedog


Had a brand new hire I fired half way through his first day. We worked in a secure government facility, and he was found digging through random employee's trash cans.

He told his trainer he was using the bathroom, and disappeared for twenty minutes. Security found him on the fourth floor of the building - having swept every trash can in every office suite before he was stopped.

He had been looking for bottle caps from Coke products to win a content. This guy, who gave a perfect interview, threw a tantrum like a child when I let him go. He kicked holes in the walls and let his body go dead weight as security literally carried him out. To clarify, he didn't start acting poorly until we took the bottle tops from him. Priorities, man... - Vidjagames


Worked on the management team for a large retailer. HR hired this guy to work the frozen foods department in the afternoons/evenings. The department manager complained that nothing ever got done when this guy worked. We tried to talk to him, but could never find him.

We could see he was clocking in according to the payroll system. We watched the cameras...he would come in for his shift, clock in, and promptly leave the store. When his shift ended, he would return, clock out, and go home. He successfully did this for TWO WEEKS!

Heck, had to refer to our cameras in order to identify him so we could fire him. Honestly, I had a hard time keeping a straight face during the firing. Kinda wanted to say, 'Well played, kid.' Yep, he still got paid. He didn't deserve it, but it's our fault for not catching it sooner. - kjcool


I had to fire a guy because he cashed a paycheck... twice. He said he never got a paycheck in the mail. So, company cut him another check. He then cashed them both.

So, the higher ups decided he needed to be fired. So, I tell him why and that he needs to go. Worst part was 'You can't fire me, I quit.' It was hard not to laugh at that part. - TrapperJon


I once had to fire a delivery guy for disappearing for 2 hours on a delivery. We were a busy lunch place in midtown Manhattan so it really left us backed up. When he came back he still had the food, had lost the bike (which we provided), and was fall-down drunk.

He then proceeded to lock himself in the bathroom (our only one) where he passed out for an hour while I scrambled to find a key. I fired him on the spot, but he came in the next day, either because he had been too drunk to remember, or because he didn't speak much English, so I got someone to help me translate while I fired him. - TheMackTruck

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