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16 employees reveal the biggest red flags to look out for when starting a new job.

16 employees reveal the biggest red flags to look out for when starting a new job.


If the person training you on your first day of work says 'we have unlimited vacation days, but nobody ever takes them' it's time to run toward the door without a two weeks notice...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is a massive red flag about a new workplace?' people were ready to share the day one warning signs that a job might be toxic. 'Everyone is a family here?' Get back on LinkedIn.


Constantly having people leave. Constantly hiring people. No real training structure for new hires - [deleted]


'We work hard and play hard.' Translation: You'll have no work-life balance but we also all drink too much. - Gerreth_Gobulcoque


Places with truly great culture don’t have management teams constantly gushing about how great the culture is. If management talks about the culture ten times in the first week you’re there, run. Don’t look back. - LawfulOrange


'Unlimited PTO'. It's usually harder to get it approved, to the point that you have almost no PTO, OR no one takes it because the company fires people that take any not insignificant amount. It always sounds like a dream on paper and is a nightmare in reality. - tenth


If you have to share an open workspace with management and/or if your coworkers are silent until management leaves the room. - tourny25


Everyone has their own best way to do something and they all tell you in private. It sounds like their helping, but it’s really a symptom of bad management. - rollbackprices


Started a new job 6 months ago. Coworker took me out to lunch and warned me not to trust anyone. He repeated it again. DON'T TRUST ANYONE. Turns out he was the one that I wasn't supposed to trust. - NotVerySmarts


Passive aggressive sticky notes everywhere. - Ritehandwingman


My friend got hired at a place that called itself 'the family.' Nahhh. - zeroGamer


They like to micro manage you but then tell you off for not having enough initiative to do something....then tell you off for doing it due to micro managing and the cycle continues - SwimnGinger-


Being asked to create a presentation to justify my 'high' wages... They hired me about 4 weeks previously. Lasted 18 months before getting the hell out of that place. - TheMrBigT77


Having a guy saying in the 1st group meeting: this company IS NOT a pyramid scheme - masteroftheseas


If you constantly get “this is how we’ve always done it” responses to your suggestions. - regularasslady


They’re not prepared for you on your first day. - nikkitgirl


If, within the first month, your boss complains to you about your peers. Get the f*ck out. - CommanderShift


People have either been there for decades or a few weeks. No people in between. - desertravenwy

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