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17 employees reveal the story of how that one coworker finally got fired.

17 employees reveal the story of how that one coworker finally got fired.


We've all witnessed a coworker that absolutely deserves to be fired on a spot somehow miraculously stretch their employment to an impressive degree...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'How did that one coworker get fired?' people were ready to reveal how the straw that broke the big boss' back (or wallet). Sorry, Nancy, but you can't tell customers to 'burn forever in hell' even when they're having a full-on Karen moment at the register.


Dude would drive to the site, park his work van, then have his GF pick him up and take off for 8 hours, come back and pick up the van, thereby cleverly fooling the GPS tracker in the vehicle...

But not the camera pointing directly at the spot where he parked, got picked up, and dropped off. Cost the company a substantial contract. And himself a job. - Dylsnick


She called in sick during the weekend and the boss discovered she was at a rave the whole weekend because she posted the footage on social media. This is why you don't befriend bosses on social media - oldbroadcaster2826


She called in sick for an entire week and then went on FB talking about my bridal shower. Tagged me in a bunch of pictures. She didn't realize I was friends on FB with our boss; who had been looking for a reason to fire her. One of the posts suggested she had been playing hooky all week. - musiclvr1246


The person responsible for drafting and implementing the lock-out/tag-out procedures got canned for not following said procedures. - Siegfried262


She was putting in her own number for rewards points whenever a customer didn’t put theirs in. Racked up tons of points, getting free gift cards and food and drink items from it. Wrote a hilarious bad review for us after she got fired too. - CharacterSoft6158


After what I was told was a very minor dispute over some lab equipment, he (a large man, think Liam Neeson) pushed another coworker (much younger and smaller) up against the wall, held him by the throat and said, 'You're f*cking with the wrong guy. I've killed bigger punks than you.' - feliciates


She's been a bartender at the country club for like 5 years. New manager comes in, and has a meeting with all the staff, tells everyone that there is to be no more drinking on the clock PERIOD.

She leaves the meeting, goes to clock in for her shift, and blatantly pours herself a massive Tito's and soda. She couldn't understand why she got immediately fired - NagoGmo


He was taking a nap at his desk because he wasn't feeling well during a slow Saturday shift when the CEO happened to walk through the pit before any of us could wake him up. - Hrekires


Company got hit with ransomware; his job was server backups; we found out afterwards that backups weren’t being done. - h0ckeyphreak


She stole cash tips off tables as a busser. When we got her on camera and confronted her, she said she never used the cash she stole, just put it in a savings account and let it sit there, as if that would clear her name. - Forsaken-Character10


He got drunk at the Christmas party, started hitting people's food and drinks out of their hands, kicked a wet floor sign at the CFO, fell and rolled down a flight of stairs on his way out, then ripped license plates of cars in the car parks and threw them like Frisbees as he left. Never saw him again. - GrownThenBrewed


I had this one coworker I worked with for years in highschool. Thought she was great. I came back from college to work over break and found out she had stolen $2,000 counting drawers over the years. - JuliusSeizure22


He told a customer she was pretty enough to be a stripper. - Mysterydumper


She picked up a customer's baby without permission and walked off with her, the customer was beside herself thinking she'd been kidnapped. Co-worker didn't think she had done anything wrong because she's also a mother... - miss_demean0r


He was stealing Klondie Bars from the company freezer. One of the managers brought in a hidden camera to catch the thief. We all knew the camera was there so he crawled over to the freezer all ninja style to stay under the camera's field of vision. It would have worked, except, when he stood back up he tried to do it all fancy, and fell backward back into the camera's view. - pirateteaparty


It was two of them. They stupidly used the company card to pay for strippers and drinks, and then tried to say it was because a customer insisted on going. They didn’t count on the customer being called who had no idea who these people even were, and they REALLY didn’t count on IT pulling their chat logs from the company chat where they talked about how to align their stories. Dumba*ses. - slykido999


We had an employee cafeteria at a Fortune 500 company. You'd get your food at a counter and bring it, in one of those white foam clamshell containers, to the register where you'd just tell the cashier what you got.

This one fellow regularly ordered 3-egg scrambles and told the cashier he had just one egg. He got caught once and told never to do it again. He did it again, and lost a $100k+ job for stealing eggs. - Yossarian147

Sources: Reddit
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