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18 employees share the final 'F*** you' they gave a bad boss before quitting.

18 employees share the final 'F*** you' they gave a bad boss before quitting.


Quitting a horrible job you had to tragically endure for far too long with a boss from the depths of corporate hell can be a beautifully satisfying endeavor...

Leaving gracefully with class and professionalism is usually suggested, but rolling out in a fiery, rage-fueled, and profanity-filled blaze of glory is a much better story. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What was your final 'f*ck you' to a boss you didn’t like?' disgruntled former employees everywhere were ready to share the most rewarding final goodbye they left for a horrible manager.


My co-worker bought cake and ice cream for the office. Someone asked what we were celebrating...and he said his last day. - garethrory


I was thinking about quitting but has holding back. I scheduled a vacation with 3 extra days. It was a once in a lifetime type of trip. He rejected my vacation request. I thought about it for a couple of hours.

Went to his office and told him 'I'm taking the trip no matter what.' The next morning the boss met me at hr and gave me a formal written warning. I responded by giving him my 2 week notice. They apologized and tried to convince me not to leave but it was too late. - likn16


I gave him a two-hour notice when I quit. He had a habit of firing people on the spot when they gave advance notice. - California_Sun1112


I worked hard over the course of a year to get all my former coworkers I cared about new jobs. - stebuu


Lost him a big deal with another company by walking away at a critical moment. In fact, I walked right to the arcade across the street - ApprehensiveSkirt5


Boss didn't know a thing about how the place ran. Was a Nepo hire. Just collected a paycheck most days. I was one of two people that kept the place running. The other guy was able to keep it going on his own, but of course he wasn't compensated for it properly.

2 years after I left, I got promoted at my new company and recruited my old co-worker to take the position I was being promoted from. They've been on a solid decline ever since they lost him. They even had to move to a smaller building. - Neyubin


When I worked at Abercrombie and Fitch and word got around I was accepted back into school. I got sat down and told they “only want workers with a future in the company.” I said, yeah, I definitely don’t want that. My manager was a compulsive liar. She offered me to stay, but I literally walked out the same day. Bye!!! - spoookyvampireparty


I reported him to the work inspection. He was employing more trainee than the legislation allows for a company this size and was making them work them like full paid workers, with basically no formation at all. He got controlled and fined a big amount of money, had to give money to previous trainee that had worked for him, etc… His company closed for bankruptcy after that. Sweet justice. - Grin-Guy


I walked into his office before my shift started, told him 'I quit.' He says 'You're giving your two weeks notice?' I said, looking at my watch, 'I'm giving my ten minutes notice.'- Bevester


Salary was delayed by 2 weeks and was about told to be lenient because the company is growing and needs our help and cooperation. I waited for another week but I was ignored. I left the job without notice and upon them calling me to sue me, I replied “You have money to sue people but no money to pay employees.” I switched job and I am at a better place right now. - nanoqueen2


The manager told me the company I worked for owned me and that I'd do what they said or face consequences. This was in a meeting with other employees present. I walked out of the store with the manager screaming at me to get back to work. - Malitov


Mechanic at a commuter airline. Boss wanted me to sign off a plane pre-flight inspection. I refused to sign because the plane was not airworthy. He told me if I wished to continue working, then I'd better sign. My response: then I guess I don’t work here anymore. I picked up my tool box and left. - Griffie


My exit interview when I was asked the reason for leaving, I simply said their name and nothing more - mixologist998


Working retail I quit at the register on Black Friday. I had recently gotten another full-time job and was keeping this retail gig because I liked the employee discount and due to my other job this check was pure fun money, all that is to say I didn't need the retail job.

My store manager comes over at hour 7 of my shift, with chaos and a line 100 people long, and has the nerve to tell me my up-sales (fishing for promo signups, i.e. rewards, credit cards etc) weren't cutting it for how much traffic I was seeing.

In front of the customers! I already couldn't stand this B so I said, 'You know what you do it, I'm done' and then I apologized to my coworkers on the way out. - GreedoInASpeedo


My boss and I had butted heads a few times after she took over the office. After finding a much better job I handed her a list of my job responsibilities, which she asked for because she didn't understand what I did there.

'This is too much, we'd have to distribute all this to like 4 different people' and I said 'yea' and walked out. Spoiler: she didn't do any of that and was fired less than a year later as the office was falling apart. - ijustcomment


I left, and then my manager joined me in my new company. And then one of the developers. And then another one. And then a third started his own company, and were outsourced to him. And then at outsourced enough to one of the designers that they started up on their own. That left one designer and no devs and his company went under. That will teach you for making me go to the outbuilding to make tea in my break. - Pedantichrist


They withheld $8,000 in pay and hired a lawyer to defend their actions. I hired a law student and we beat them into submission. F*ck You Julie. - cantstopwontstopever


On my last day at the bowling alley, I sent an email to head office detailing all the sh*t he’d been up to but everyone was too afraid to report (inc. trying to fire someone when he found out she was pregnant - a big no no in my country).

I heard later that the next day regional manager and a couple of executives turned up for a surprise inspection. He’s found in the office, having backed a 16 year old female colleague in the corner, screaming at the top of his lungs, with his big red vein-throbbing face touching hers.

She was distraught and obviously crying her eyes out. Manager was escorted off premises there and then and never heard from again. - FrostyBallBag

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