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22 employees share the subtle red flags in job interviews that say 'don't work here.'

22 employees share the subtle red flags in job interviews that say 'don't work here.'


Job interviews can be incredibly stressful nightmares of sweaty palms, attempting to reword your resume, lying about your past experience, and counting down the minutes until you can ask what the salary is...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What are subtle red flags at a job interview that say, 'Working here would suck?'' people were ready to share the hidden hints that a work environment is about to ruin your professional and personal life.


If they dodge the question when you ask about hours. - GamingTatertot


Applied for a Guitar Tech job at guitar center. Went through three levels of interviews. Right during the last one, this f*cking dude, goes through all my paperwork and is like 'you got the job, we're gonna start you off in sales.'

And I was like 'I didn't apply for sales, I've interviewed the last three weeks for the Guitar Tech position.' An he just said, 'I know.' And had this sh*tty stupid smile on his dumb face. And that's when I realized, they probably don't care for their employees there.- willislol


When they mention the high turnover rate several times during the interview. - [deleted]


'I don't believe in vacation'. - actually heard this one on an interview once. - whiteknight521


While waiting in the lobby for my interviewer to come out, a man flung the work area door open as he was screaming and literally sobbing about the place being worse than hell. It was like a red flag factory exploded in my face. - lorinisapirate


If they say they don't like favoritism and drama....they love favoritism and drama. - ChuckZombie


One that I've experienced- they asked me to start immediately.

'When can you start'?


'How about right now, we're way behind.' Thanks for joining the crew of the Titanic! Watch your step, she's listing about twenty degrees to starboard, but a finer luxury liner has never sailed the seas. - GreenStrong


My roommate once was asked to do a trial run as a waitress since she had no experience. Sure that's cool. It was for Valentine's Day lunch, surely she will be shadowing and letting drinks and what not. Nope. They put her out there solo for a 5 hour shift THEN ASKED HER TO COME BACK THAT NIGHT TO WORK A DOUBLE. She never got paid for it and never returned.- pizzaheadstand


A good indicator of a good company/position is how many people have been there a moderate amount of time. If everyone has been there for either a short time or a long time there's something really wrong with the atmosphere.

It means the working conditions are going to be sh*tty for new hires and the old timers are comfortable in their positions and just coast. - dopkick


When the person interviewing you is the person whose job you'll be taking, and they're quitting because the job sucks. - [deleted]


Orientation isn't paid, meaning that people quit every other week, meaning the job and management probably suck. - [deleted]


Hostile interviewers. I had an interview years ago, where they had a good cop, bad cop routine going. The good cop asked me about my hobbies, and seemed interested. The bad cop, scuffed and rolled his eyes.- [deleted]


If the interviewer cancels and forgets to tell you. I once drove an hour each way just to learn that my future boss took the day off. Not a sick day.

She had booked a vacation months ago and didn't bother clearing her schedule (or checking it when scheduling my interview). That job ended up being very short-lived and traumatic. She was fired like a month after I quit.- somanytictoc


If to move forward in the hiring process you have to pay them for anything - OkaySeriouslyBro


I just got out of an interview.

Red flag 1: was never informed that it was a group interview.

They said they were hiring for several positions as they were a new branch in a new market. Ok fine.

Red flag 2: when we walked in the office, the receptionist was on the phone. I heard her say 'well no, the training isn't paid. It's only 5 days spread out across 2 weeks...'

Unpaid training means they don't want to invest in you until you've proven to be valuable. The only way they can afford this is to hire groups of desperate people and train them with no pay. The ones that stick around keep the sh*tty job.

Red flag 3: compensation was briefly mentioned as a commission rate on different products we would be selling.

Letting someone leave an interview without a realistic understanding of compensation means that you know that's a deal killer more often than not. - Appetite4destruction


When they ask how much I'd like to get paid, I say $11 an hour, they chuckle and counter with minimum wage. Why'd you bother asking in the first place, Sam's Club? - ace_vagrant


If they say, 'It's like a family here,' they mean 'the drama is unbelievable and yes, it gets very personal.' - vengeance_pigeon


I went for the interview at a dental office for reception work. Was offered the position about a week later. 20 minutes after I accepted the job, the lady called back and said 'Dr so and so actually hired another person for a job at one of our other offices but they need to train here.

Unfortunately, there isn't enough space in our office to train two people at once so we'll have you start in a few weeks.'

It's been a year and they still haven't called me back. Luckily, about 45 minutes after that phone call, I got an interview at a different company, something in my gut said take the interview even though you were offered a job, and I got that second job two weeks later and I'm about ready to hit my year mark with that company and even got a promotion and raise 4 months ago.

Sooo yea...good idea i didn't wait around for that other job. Occasionally I want to stop by that dental office and ask them when I'm supposed to start.- unicornsuntie


'Looking for a rock star!' Especially at a startup. Looking for someone who works late for no pay and does the work of 5 people, while having no outside life. - Rivkariver


If they say that over time is expected. That just means they are under staffed and you will be putting a lot many hours you are not getting paid for. - Dexteroid


'We work hard and play hard' means 'we expect you to work unreasonable hours and becoming a functional alcoholic is really the only way to cope with it' - ElToberino


One place my wife interviewed asked her if she had any kids or planned on getting pregnant soon. Both questions are illegal to ask during an interview. - Redsox933

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