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18 people share the most ridiculous reason they've seen a boss use to fire someone.

18 people share the most ridiculous reason they've seen a boss use to fire someone.


Getting fired isn't always the epic movie moment you fantasized about...sometimes it's just an awkward Zoom call over reasons you never would've expected...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What was the most ridiculous reason you witnessed someone getting fired?' people were ready to share the truly insane, unfair, hilarious, or 'this needs to go in the employee manual now' reasons for a termination.


We were all in the back, ready to clock out. A coworker was just about to clock out, when she saw another coworker, a receptionist of sorts. Instead of clocking out just then, she went over to other coworker and pulled out her phone to show a picture of her wedding dress.

After, she clocks out and goes home. Receptionist coworker turns other coworker in for having her phone out during work hours. Coworker is fired without so much of a warning. - [deleted]


I work at a university, back story. We have a baseball team. At the baseball games, they are allowed to sell beer. You have to show your ID and get a wrist band. Well, during one game, a person who works at the university for the campus dining was in attendance.

Person was not working, is of age to consume, and had a beer or two. One of her coworkers, or boss (can't remember), was working that day and told the off-duty employee that they needed help.

She agreed to help. She was fired later on for having had a beer and then working. I wouldn't say it's a completely ridiculous reason someone was fired, she could have said no when asked to help due to beer consumption, but they also knew she was not supposed to work that day and she helped out kindness. - thutruthissomewhere


I worked at a grocery store and they hired this girl on a whim after she submitted an application that was written in colored pencils. (Complete with a drawing of some palm trees.) On her first day I'm walking her around with the manager showing her the produce section.

She keeps asking 'what's this thing, what are these called?' I get it; leeks and fennel bulbs aren't available in every neighborhood, but she was pointing to totally common fruits and vegetables that I know she has in her house.

She was born and raised in that town, has internet access and knows what a potato looks like. Clearly, she's f*cking with us. Then she goes 'so these are...?' And the manager says 'Girl, that's a goddamn lime! You know what a lime is.' She went on lunch break and didn't come back.

She tried to come in the next day to get paid and the store manager had to explain that you don't get paid every day, you can't just leave and not come back, and she's fired. - Funkentelechie


A forklift driver was being repeatedly paged and couldn't be found. He was out in the parking lot using the lift to raise his car so he could work on it.

Fired immediately but convinced them to let him finish whatever he was doing to the car so he'd be able to drive it home. That guy is still talked about 10 years later. - FerrisWheelJunky


I was fired for pooping, and not knowing reasonable accommodation for disabilities laws. I had had my colon removed a year prior, so I popped a lot. My immediate manager was fine with this cause I got my job done. He took a week off and I was fired for wasting time in the bathroom. - Abyss1213


Me and my coworker were under fire about working overtime, as in if we continued to work overtime we would get fired. Keep in mind only 3 people work in this depart (me, coworker, and other coworker).

Coworker was finished with his closing shift, some guy asks for a tour. Coworker politely declines, explains that we are closed, and offers to schedule a tour. Guy gets very upset, complains to higher-ups. Next day coworker gets fired. After seeing that I quit next day, same with other coworker. - nagol93


I worked at a cancer-related non-profit. I hired a lady, her son had the cancer we were trying to raise money to cure and treat. My boss tried to make me fire her because her schedule was 'unpredictable.' Because her son had chemotherapy and unexpected doctor visits.

I explained what a very, very bad idea that would be and refused to do it. She said I'd be fired if I didn't fire that employee. I stuck to it and asked to talk to higher ups. He basically dismissed it with two words.

I kept my employee, but my boss kept her job too. She eventually made my life a living hell, talked sh*t about me to my employees, would schedule me for 13 hour days, etc. - SplendidTit


A guy that worked where I do had a heart attack which put him in the hospital for a bit. When he got out of the hospital and off of his restrictions and came back to work, they fired him.

The reason was because his FMLA paperwork filed while he was in the hospital wasn't filled out correctly so he technically pointed out(too many unexcused absences).

He was in the hospital, he wasn't able to deal with work and all of the paperwork they required. They won't go out of their way to make sure you are able to get the paperwork filled out. If you don't do it yourself they don't consider it their problem. They basically fired him so they wouldn't have to pay for all of his medical expenses. - Ratnix


Warehouse person wrote an email to the owner of the company complaining about how the manager at the time didn't give him enough training, how understaffed we are, and saying how lazy and how much of a slob he was, which is true. The manager left taco bell, Wendy's and KFC bags all over the shop.

I read the email and it was worded very well, and didn't sound like an attack. Rather he was bringing up his concerns which he felt hindered his job performance. The next day he was fired - TrapTillaTrillion


I saw a woman get fired from a big box store because they changed her schedule. She had Wed after 1pm off and Thursday pm(after 3) off. on Wed. at 2 pm , they changed the schedule to say she was working 3-7pm on Thursday- BY LAW they gave the requisite '24 hour notice' SHE WASN'T AVAILABLE to see the schedule because she was out of the store.

She wasn't notified in any way-Manager's response? All employees need to call 2 to 3 times a day to check and see if the schedule changed. It isn't our responsibility to check that for you-even though we made the change for our own purposes. - alcohall183


Put in for a vacation 3 months in advance. Was approved by my employer . Routinely reminded him at 2 months, 1 month, 2 weeks, 1 week and 3 days and final day I was supposed to leave.

Time to leave rolls around . He told me he needed me to stay and Finish up maintenance on a property of his.(I was doing carpentry work on his rentals non urgent stuff) I explained I had to leave then or I would miss my ride.

Was fired that upcoming monday.moral of the story is if you can't trust your employers word don't work for that dickhead anyway. - sleekstability


Worked at a same-day procedure facility. One of my nurses was legally blind, often describing what she saw as “looking through a pinhole.' When she was having trouble seeing something clearly she would squint her eyes.

We had a full case of patients that day and every single one loved her. Then at the end of the day we had a return “VIP” patient. Nurse is as sweet as candy, starts to squint when charting. Patient says the nurse must hate her job because she looks unhappy.

Scrub tech had it out for her and told the supervisor, who told the president. They were going to fire her on the spot. Everyone else vouched for her so instead she got written up for the stupid reason of having a resting b*tch face when trying to see and then quit the next day. - mmeezyy


Knew of a cart pusher at Wal-Mart who walked into the store in street clothes on his day off. A manager heard him say 'f*ck' in conversation and fired him. - Xethinus


Guy I worked with made a complaint to HR about his supervisor and the work conditions. He was fired. - Pyr0technikz


A colleague was fired for going on a two-week holiday. During her job interview, she pointed out that she already booked everything, but she would be available for the rest of the summer.

My (now ex-)boss agreed on those terms. Two months later, he had already forgotten everything and insisted she couldn't go. She went anyway and was told not to come back. - HiMyNameIsSander


Her hair tie was the wrong color. My friend worked at a chain restaurant who's slogan is 'something neighborhood grill something'. Her manager was a predator. He was your typical mid-40s single and sh*tty kind of dude you would expect to be in this position.

He hired 16-17 year old girls and would try to get them to hangout with him. When they refused or told someone about it, he would find a reason to fire them. My friend showed up to work one day with a black hair tie, when he wanted red (apparently). He fired her for not wearing the appropriate work attire.- IronMermaiden


While I was at Chiptole as a customer, I saw the cashier get fired for wearing nail polish. It was around 3 in the afternoon, so it was pretty much empty. But it seems like that is something you should do behind closed doors or at least not while she was working. - TheNextKathyBates


I was fired from a restaurant for not working someone's shift after they called out. It was not my scheduled shift and I had never agreed to work it but wouldn't stay and work what would have been over 12 hours so the manager fired me as I left from my shift. - hippielove80

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