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16 employees share the incident at work that led to a coworker's meltdown.

16 employees share the incident at work that led to a coworker's meltdown.


Who among us hasn't wanted to storm out of work one day at the slightest inconvenience of simply having do your job, and leave behind a hysterical story for your coworkers to share for years to come?

While most of us have fantasized about a passionate workplace breakdown, it's rare to actually witness the Karen customer who broke the barista. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'what's your coworker 'meltdown' story?' people were ready to share the story of the time a colleague had an epic tanturm on the clock.


My coworker, let's call him Gacy because that's the vibe, walks out to the coffee pot and has to wash it himself before he can start brewing a fresh pot. He starts screaming 'IS NOBODY GONNA HELP ME CLEAN THE F*CKING COFFEE POT?!'

Then he proceeds to sulk off and do his coffee business and sits back down at his desk as if nothing happened. That guy has been and continues to be working there since 1995. He's also threatened to punch his supervisor in the face. Good dude. - Spear810


Working at an Italian place, one of my co workers kept asking to be made a server instead of just working the takeout section. After being denied multiple times because he wasn't capable of being a server he then proceeded to tell the general manager to ''SUCK MY D*CK FROM THE BACK!!'' Then stormed out yelling Bertuccis has Rats ! Bertuccis has rats! - smakwan


I came into my weekend job that day to find out the delivery driver had quit. I talked to the manager on the phone later and she said he had stormed out in a huff, angrily unfolded his Razor scooter, and glided away into the sunrise flipping a peace sign over his shoulder. - poofacedlemur


In my youth, I worked at a pizza palace. One of the drivers was giving the manager attitude, and just as the driver was about to exit the side door, said manager began tossing 18' pizza pan lids at him. - JDogg_of_RS


I work at a daycare. It can be frustrating. My boss asked my female coworker if she could stay an extra ten minutes that night and she lost it. She started cursing and threatening to slash my boss's tires in front of a room of 4 year olds. Meanwhile, she was crying the whole time and started snotting like one of the kids we care for. It was a sight to behold. - BigDaddyCool17


Line Cook at a fairly upscale pizza joint lost his shot while closing the restaurant let's call him Joe. Got into an argument with the head Chef, call him Josh (who was, and still is a total f*cking prick). At the end of the night, all I heard was the head chef say, 'if you don't like it here, you can quit.'

And that was the last straw, joe, was a big guys, like 6 ft 5 and josh was maybe 5'5. Joe picked up a 5 gallon bucket of Grease from the fryer, and dumped the whole thing over Josh. I'm talking about full bucket, it was disgusting. He then promptly said, now I quit. It was amazing. As Joe walked out the door, Josh slipped and fell trying to chase after him. - Verryfastdoggo


She walked to the door of the building, opened the door, and screamed as loud as she could. Then she calmly walked back to her desk as if it didn't happen. - [deleted]


One employee decided to 'brave it' - just to be daring - and park in the CEO's reserved parking spot, thinking the boss was away on vacation. He knew it was strictly forbidden, but did it anyway.

His timing proved wrong - the CEO hadn't started vacation yet. It was fireworks when he got there and found the employee's car parked in his reserved spot. Those fireworks resulted in his being fired, and held up as an example of what it means to be employed on an 'at will' basis. - Back2Bach


I had a manager who only made it 3 months. There were problems, but the final straw happened when she got kicked out of a hotel the night before a pediatric cancer conference. She threw a fit because her cards got declined for the $100 room fees (you know, in case you break something).

Had to call her brother on the opposite side of the country who put it on his card. Proceeded to throw a fit in the room, security told her to keep it down. She then called and complained all the way up to the general manager. He kicked her out. All of this happened starting at about 11pm pst. When she told my coworker the story, she painted herself as the victim, but we pieced it together. People don't just get kicked out of hotels for no reason. - powerlesshero111


Worked as a ride operator at a theme park. Some guy loaded up a coaster, started it and decided 'F*ck it, I quit' and simply walked off leaving the ride running. A quick thinking operator (who wasn't trained on the ride) ran into the booth and hit the e-stop which stopped the ride at height; not the most perfect situation but better than leaving it running whilst the operator was on his way home. - moaningpilot


When I was testing games for 2K, there was a guy in our training sessions who was blatantly SLEEPING through the instructions. He was immediately sh*t-canned and came back into the room and screamed, 'SEE YA LATER EVERYONE, I JUST GOT FIRED!' He was then escorted out by security after refusing to leave the building and when he finally left, he sat in his car and rage honked his horn for about five minutes before finally peeling out. - [deleted]


Used to work at Ruby Tuesday and the newly promoted GM decided to quit by throwing his keys in the deep fryer. - godlessaudio


Temp screamed at boss. Not even sure why. Arguement ended with her throwing her work badge at him and leaving, saying she 'let him know tomorrow if she still wanted to work there. Did I mention she was a temp? Security had her banned from the building and desk cleared out within the hour. - PM_ME_FIREBUSH


When I was in highschool, I was a busser at a kind of fancy steak place. Think Ruth's Chris but just a tad more casual. Anyway, this one kid who bussed with me was moving out of state and decided to not give a two weeks notice.

The last day he was able to come in before he moved, he walked up to like 2 or 3 tables and just ripped the nastiest sounding farts I had ever heard. I 'accidentally' walked in the back when the manger was firing him. Manager says 'why would you do that instead of just telling me you quit?' My buddy responds 'I f*cking hate this place.' He then farted again and walked out. - Yeah_Mr_Jesus


A manager that wasn't really my manager. When his bosses were gone, he would take 1-2 hour lunches. On the clock. We were allowed a 30 minute lunch off the clock. He would sit in the management office and eat a little, read the paper.

Just basically not working while the store got busy. It was fairly well known by the lower workers he did this, we just didn't say anything. One day a manager of equal power from a different department confronted him about it while he had been on lunch for over an hour.

He picked up his sandwich and threw it at her yellin about why doesn't he get to take his lunch in peace like everyone else. Basically just went on this rant of irrelevant stuff. Then just stopped, and went back to reading the paper. He was fired by the end of the day. - RangerRickR


Pizza Hut manager asked one of the drivers to put on his uniform shirt. Driver flipped out and tried to set his shirt on fire in the lobby while screaming about oppression.

Then he took off for some reason and drove to the airport where he jumped the fence leading to the tarmac. Got roughly arrested by the airport cops. We never saw him again. Turned out he had drank a bunch of Robitussin. - maddomesticscientist

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