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18 former employees who quit their jobs on the spot share what made them snap.

18 former employees who quit their jobs on the spot share what made them snap.


Quitting a job with a formal two weeks notice is the usual route, but it's a much better story to storm out mid-shift because you can't take one more demand from Linda in marketing...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'People who have quit a job on the spot, what made you snap?' people were eager to share their epic final straws from bad bosses, coworkers from hell, or overall miserable gigs.


I quit a job once because my boss wouldn't let me take off on a Friday for a wedding, even though I requested it 9 months in advance. It was MY wedding! I gave 2 weeks notice on Thursday, got married on Friday, and went on a 2-week honeymoon. So there. - smilebreathe


My boss telling me I have two arms and legs when I asked someone to grab me a container as I cut a huge roast beef with blood everywhere. He felt the need to literally roll on the chair out of the office to yell that and then again to say “didn’t you hear me.' Yes I did and I left my apron and the bloodiest mess and clocked out right next to him and left - ladybuginawindow


Worked for a tree company driving their log truck for them picking up logs that couldn't be chipped after the trees were cut down. They had a huge back-log to the point that clients were suing them because wood wasn't being picked up.

I worked 80-90 hours every week for 3 months until I got them caught up to the point that I was picking up the wood next day. I got called into the office and was told they were laying me off for a week because they didn't have much work the next week.

Mind you they did landscaping and before I started with them I was a tree climber for another company. They could have found a spot for me for the week. I told them don't bother calling me back I'd be back next Tuesday for my last check. - linetrash42


My brother and I both worked for a pizza place and he burned his arm on a pizza warmer that gave him second degree burns. It shorted and became a hot plate instead of a warmer. The franchise asked me to sign a document saying it was my brother's fault and he was negligent. I got up and walked out.

Another time I worked at a retail store during the holiday season. My manager said in passing to add something to the display, I sign I believe, and she continued to walk away. A few hours pass and I'm slammed because it's the holidays.

She noticed I didn't add the sign and called it 'grounds for insubordination' and she could fire me. I was making $8 during Christmas...this wasn't my career choice. I grabbed my stuff, clocked out, and left. - OK_See_Ya_Later_Pan


I worked at Subway. It was the first day of the $5 footlong deal, and there was a line out the door. Now, all of our veggies were cut that morning at the same time. The bin of onions were getting low, so I ran to the back and got another bin.

Because I was wanting to focus on getting people their food, I dumped the new bin into the other one instead of switching them. The manager, pulled the bin out, and threw it at me in front of everyone. I threw my hat down and walked out. He had a history of abusing women, I was no longer having it. - Frankensteinrunsmile


Was told I couldn't get a day off for my cousin's funeral. Told them I wouldn't be coming into work then so they better schedule someone else. Boss didn't schedule anyone, I wasn't there for work. And I never went back. - ThatOtherGuy_CA


I had requested off for a family Christmas party and the request was approved about a month in advance. On my way to the party, boss calls and tells me I have to come in because my replacement needed off to watch a football game.

He wasn’t going to the game or anything, just watching at home from his couch. I went in, threw my keys at the boss in front of a line of customers, and walked out. - Ineedyoursway


When my boss told me that he was willing to let the department crash and burn to send a message to the CEO. The department was in a bad place and we were close to massive layoffs. Finding out that he didn't have a plan to try to fix things was when I noped out. - icandoittwice


I worked in the deli in a fairly big grocery store chain. After working for 4 years, my manager decided to schedule me for 21 shifts in a row, 10 hours each shift. I told her that's not exactly legal.

She told me that it is if I get 5 days off in a row. I was having none of it, and she told me if I didn't like it, there's the door. I stewed on the info long after she left the store for the day.

About 3 hours before my shift was done, I just said screw it and wrote a note that said 'I TOOK THE DOOR. I QUIT.' and just left. Since I was the closer that night, nothing got shut down. - foxylove430


I worked in the complaints department for a major takeaway pizza company. I was on the phone to a woman who was literally yelling down the phone because her pizza was 45 minutes late. It was a Saturday night and it was snowing.

Obviously expect delays. I was empathetic, I said I’d send her coupons for her next order and I was about to process a full refund, but she just kept shouting. Talking over me. Swearing. I reached the end of my tether and said “oh my god” while she was talking.

That “oh my god” launched her into a full scale b*tch fit. Suddenly it was me who was making and delivering her pizza. I, as an individual, am the reason that she’s hangry. She demanded to know my full name, which I refused to give her.

She said she was going online to leave the worst review ever written. Not about the company, about me. She proceeded to yell-lecture me about how I’m in the wrong job.

I told her to f*ck off and hung up on her. Never processed the refund. Never even logged on our system that she’d called me. Never went back to that f*cking hell hole of a job - SparklingPeach_


Had a manager that was a real piece of shit. Extremely rude, didn't care about the customers, only profit. I was hired to host, but ended up doing everything other than run the bar and kitchen. Talking waiting, bussing, running food, deliveries, cleaning, you name it.

Manager was also Scrooge McDuck type...we had to literally ask for our paychecks for about 4 to 5 days before he would give them up. Every week. There was a small dining room at the entrance, but all the actual servers were in the dining room upstairs. If people sat downstairs, they were my tables to take care of so the waitstaff didn't have to run up and down stairs every 5 minutes.

One day, I had 3 tables, and a delivery came in. I was the only person able to do deliveries, so I go to ask my manager to take either my tables or the delivery (which he asked me to do.) Get yelled at for bothering him, so I grab one of the waitstaff instead to cover my tables.

Take the delivery, get back to the store, and the manager RIPS the check out of my hand, yells at me for leaving without telling him, then proceeds to pocket MY tip money. I lost it, told him I was sick of working with a sociopathic thief, and walked out the front door. Coordinated my paperwork with the night manager, found a new job the same day, and was assistant manager there within 2 months. - NikkolaiV


When I got a promotion with more responsibilities i asked for a raise they told me if anything they would doc my pay. Went home after my shift and never went back. - PartialSalad


Getting yelled at for something I forgot to do. Can't remember what it was, but it was a very minor thing. Excuse me for being the sole reason why this department is still open.

Working 10-13 hour days, not getting help during rushes, and being cast of to the side. I was the only person working in a deli at a grocery store of 1500 people. After the yelling I just walked out. The deli was closed for at least a few months after I quit. - hkd001


Got called into work on my day off. Drove a half hour to get there. Once there, I was told they didn’t need me that day, and I could go home - EatLard


My boss not letting me have a weekend off for my best friend’s wedding because a co-worker wanted a dirty weekend away with the married guy she was having an affair with. The married guy was my boss by the way.

I was a bridesmaid and had booked the weekend off 10 months in advance. I quit on the spot and told my boss’ wife he was cheating on her. My best friends wedding was lovely. - [deleted]


A long time ago when I was a prep cook in restaurant a fellow co-worker threatened me with a knife. Took my apron off and walked out the back door. Head chef called me later and offered to pay me 25 cents more an hour and I told him my life was worth more than that. - TheDeadlySquid


I had a party of 13 show up literally 5 minutes to close on a Sunday. We were out of quite a few items. I did my best to accommodate them though. I know I gave them the best service I could under the circumstances.

These people made a huge mess and ended up staying for about 45 minutes after they were done eating. When they finally left I I started cleaning up the table I noticed a 20 dollar bill and 57 cents. I went to collect the tip and realized the folded 20 dollar bill was one of those fake have you been saved church things. I just walked out. - Xddude


First job ever. McDonalds inside a Walmart. Busy Saturday with a line out the door and the manager yells at me to stop taking orders because she can't keep up. I was 15 at the time and therefore not old enough to work the grill so I asked what I should do.

She told me if I was too dumb to know, she didn't need me there. So I was like 'yeah, I guess you've got this covered then', clocked out, tossed my hat on the ground and strolled out the front door as she pleaded for me to come back... I wish 31 year old me had the balls that 15 year old me had lol. - MechanicusAnimus

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