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18 former employees share the company secret they're allowed to reveal now.

18 former employees share the company secret they're allowed to reveal now.


The best part of quitting a bad job is the happy hour after your last shift when you get to brutally vent about the office that took valuable hours away from your precious time on this planet...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What are some company secrets you can now reveal since you don’t work for the company anymore?' people were ready to throw their ex-workplace under the bus. Always be nice to your staff, managers and bosses--you never know when that barista will make a viral TikTok about how all the 'fresh' baked goods are actually a week old.


Bed Bath and Beyond will accept a return for ANY item that is in their inventory. You can claim anything is defective. A woman once returned a 75% burned Yankee Candle because the wick dipped into the wax and she couldn’t fish it out. She got a 100% refund.

A guy brought in a vacuum he purchased probably 9 years ago from a store in another state. It took us about 20 minutes of fishing through an older version of the inventory system to validate that, yes, at one time about a decade ago, BBB carried that SKU. Full refund.

In the grand scheme of things, your return is a minuscule fraction of their profits, and keeping you as a customer is worth tossing away some money every now and then. Also, their coupons never expire. - creamily_tee


Rarely any Jerry Springer show guests have “true” stories. Source: I was a booker. - EndearinglyAverage


Worked in retail jewelry in Australia. This would apply pretty much everywhere. Most all items for sale (the exception would be promotional pieces, or special collections) has a “minimum” and a “maximum” price.

Don’t take for face value that the price is what you have to pay. Ask straight up “what is the min on this item”. Say it like you know what you are talking about. Sometimes the “min” price can be hundreds lower than the displayed price. - baccgirl


I used to work in skincare: None of the products cost more than $2 to manufacture, but would retail at anything from $20 to $150 per product. Always amazed me how much people would shell out for anything with volcanic clay or snake venom cream - DWeb338


Pizza Hut has a can of spray on garlic that they spray on their all their pizzas. At least they did in 2012. - manbearpiggy2013


Wash your fruits and vegetables very thoroughly a lot of them will end up being scooped off a disgusting warehouse floor and put back in the package after falling out - x740xWastedx


It has been several years, but when I worked at certain satellite tv company, they had a value system for customers. You are valued at 1-5 stars, based on how much you spend, and how much they value you as a customer. If you are are a higher star value, they will do basically anything to keep you. You will get a ton of services and equipment for free, and they will bend over backwards to keep you from canceling.

If you are a 1 or 2 star, they don't give a shit. Especially 1 stars, because it usually means that you are late all the time, or that you don't spend very much. If you call in asking for deals or credits, they won't give it to you. If you threaten to cancel, no one cares. Also, there are special phone lines for people they consider 'VIPS.' They never have to wait on hold, and only special employees are allowed to take the phone calls. - mermaidsthrowaway


Used to work for Sam's Club. We would routinely take apart the packages of berries, throw out the rotten ones and then refill them. There was definitely no weighing to make sure the amount on the package reflected what was inside. - freckledLass


The only thing not made on site at Cheesecake Factory is, ironically, the cheesecakes. They come in frozen and are thawed out. They go through the trouble of mixing all their sauces and even salad dressings, but not cheesecakes. - brady2gronk


I worked at UPS ages ago. The word 'FRAGILE' on a box meant nothing to us, so make sure you pack your stuff properly. - Kevoguy


Used to work for a coffee shop who's claim to fame was that all food items were made from scratch in house. All of their pastries were made using Pillsbury dough, and every other kind of dessert was bought from a grocery store. - Desperate4Potato


A 'high class' spa I worked at used Epsom salts and vegetable oil for their $65 salt scrubs. - captnfirepants


Worked for a private school. Grades were definitely bought. We were discouraged to give anything lower than a B. Had one principal that told a teacher to take the final for a student that went on summer vacation early. She called it a shadow final and said nonchalantly that it's no big deal, just answer how you think the student would answer. This school is expensive, and these kids go on to fancy colleges because of these grades. - dwarvenmonk


I used to work in a factory that produced pillows. Let me be the first to tell you, some nasty stuff goes into those pillows. Tell me, have you ever seen those pillows labeled 'Memory Foam Cluster'? Do yourself a favor, and avoid them like the plague. What we do is, there is a bale of old, recycled memory foam brought behind the grinder. This bale consists of everything from old mattresses and pillows, to those cooling memory foam pillows.

Except they are all old and dirty. We cut the bigger pieces into more manageable bits and toss it into a grinder that chops the foam into small, fine cubes. These cubes are stored in a large tank, and then blown into an empty pillow casing using pneumatic pressure. Now we made good pillows too, but for the love of god, stay away from anything labeled 'cluster.' - The_Ginger_Wizard


I worked at a car dealership. The $1200 car care system that we would discount to $900 was “applied” with about 15 squirts of a spray bottle. Many times I’d hang out with the detail guys so the customer wouldn’t get suspicious at a quick turnaround. - DirtynDurham


I used to work at Whole Foods, in our bakery department. Almost nothing, aside from the bread is made from scratch there. This shouldn't be too shocking, considering they're a multi-national chain now, but really it'd be more correct to say that our cakes are 'assembled' in house. - DandyLyen


Worked in management for Trader Joe's for 8 years and boy have a I got a doozy for you: the employees are ACTUALLY that nice. - truthpooper


The 'fresh and packaged in store 'deli' meat' didn't even come from our store and was shipped in every morning with the other chiller items. So many times I had customers ask me if it was packaged by the deli counter and I had to lie. So yeah, if you want fresh meat just buy it from the deli counter. - moocow232

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