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19 people share the biggest red flags to look out for during job interviews.

19 people share the biggest red flags to look out for during job interviews.


Job interviews can be brutal tests of strength and finding creative ways to reinvent your mostly made-up resume...

Oh yes, one of my high specialized skills is...the art of Microsoft Word. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What’s the biggest red flag during an employment interview?' people everywhere were ready to share the most cringe-inducing, embarrassing, awkward, or overall unprofessional signs to search for during the torturous job hunt.


My recent interview with what I thought would be a dream job went like this: 'You know you're the 6th person we've tried to make this position work for and we're starting to think it's us' - Seedinthethorns


Stating that they don't like to discuss pay during the interview. - claevyan


Not having a solid job description!!!!!! This is the biggest one “we are just creating the position” - Earth-Rat


Dynamic fast paced environment, it's a mess, management is top heavy and supervisors are spread thin, you're on your own learn fast - Nostonica


'It's a salaried position with flex time.' Basically 'you will be working 50+ hours a week and only be paid for 40. Don't you dare flex any time though' -anteru


We're a family here - Shadow948


“We work hard and play harder “ - timetravel50


The office has a break room with games, pool table, etc, that looks like no one has touched it in months. - WorriedlyFretful


They explain that you will for some reason not be an employee of the company but an 'independent contractor' that uses their facilities and is paid by them. - mustardtruck


'Well, the overtime isn't mandatory, but most folks stick around after hours most days.'

Spoilers: The overtime is mandatory. - CathyCDodson


Not being clear about why the position opened. - Earth-Rat


“Are you entrepreneurial?” usually means that the job is solely commission based. - StuckInAMadHouse


Being a nanny you get some bizarre ones. It’s not HR or a business owner. It’s Lisa the 27 year old first time mother. Who hasn’t done anything in her life. Probably the biggest red flag was when she asked if I’d be interested in inducing lactation to nurse her baby. - Onlyfansnanny


Interviewer gives a non answer when you ask about salary - No-Strawberry-5541


When I mentioned a company's dismal Glassdoor evaluations, they became so enraged that they ended the interview. Well. I suppose I escaped that danger - Even_Beginndsasws


'Ability to perform under pressure.' That's a red flag to me at least. - wooties05


When they diss previous places you worked in the interview. - DiligerentJewl


Beer fridges, ping pong tables, 'bring your dog to work' days are usually a cover for a really sh*tty work environment. Most likely recommended or brought in by HR to say they're doing something to improve morale. - readcommentbackwards


Really, this occurred to me:

Interviewer: Have you got any inquiries for us?

Me: What current problem has this department faced?

Asker: Job security - No_Originarew

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