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16 people share what prompted them to rage-quit a job without a two weeks notice.

16 people share what prompted them to rage-quit a job without a two weeks notice.


While it's customary to give a two weeks notice, there are some workplaces that don't deserve the courtesy of a warning...

We've all fantasized about stopping mid-shift to tell everyone you work with how you really feel about them before sprinting out the door forever, but leaving a job is usually a pretty anti -climactic activity. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Workers, have you ever been prompted to quit your job right on the spot? Not like a two weeks notice, just a 'I quit!' and walk out the door? If so, what happened?' ex-employees everywhere were ready to share their tale of rage-quitting into the abyss.


My previous job. I was in a sales slump for over a month. Boss calls me into the office and brow-beats me for fifteen minutes, asking me why they should allow me to keep working there. The gem that broke me was 'we are losing money by keeping you here.' Quit later that day. Little did he know that I had an extremely productive job interview earlier that day, I ended up getting that job, and I'm happier, healthier, and richer than before. - [deleted]


After myself and 2 other people counted out the money after a shift and all made sure it was right the manager said the till was short and we were all expected to pay it back. This is illegal where I live and would have put us at less than minimum wage. I told the manager this and she said that the others had agreed to pay and I wasn't being fair to them so I quit. I'm pretty sure she was just trying to get money out of teenagers who don't know any better. - Raichu7


Yeah. I live in a touristy town and got a job last year at a gift shop on the wharf. I loved the location amd meeting new people was rad but I had a manager who thought it was okay to be a condescending b*tch to us. They mostly hired High Schoolers and of course those poor girls thought it was okay to be yelled at and condescended to by your boss. I knew it wasn't. I told her 'you can either talk to me like a human being or explain to the owner why I quit.'

She just said 'I do talk to you like a human being and this is how I talk and I am not changing that'. So i said 'okay' and walked out. As I walked out I told a few of the girls there that it's never okay tor an authority figure to be demeaning and sh*tty and that they should just look for another side job. - MyCatWeighs11lb


Yes I've done this before with my previous job. Fed up with the horrible management, and the company Just didn't treat it's best and valuable employees nicely. So I told my coworker friend about this and she knew I was gonna leave right on the spot, so I was about to go on my break and before leaving I wrote a little note and left my keys and got my friend to do a bag check and left for good.

She told me they didn't realize I hadn't been back about an hour and a half later until the district manager who happened to also work that day say 'what happened to that Asian girl?' - Quellyle


When I was 19 and a full-time women's shoe salesman, the boss was chewing us all out and asked if anyone wasn't willing to work harder, just turn in your spoon (that little tool that helps the heel into a shoe). I stood up and handed him mine. (I was a star salesman that year nationwide in that shoe chain.) - alewis14151


In <24hrs. Thursday, the boss told me he (actually a consultant) didn't trust my work (as a computer programmer), so he 'sent me home' and said he'd be in touch. I walked across the street to a Snelling & Snelling office and immediately got a tentative job offer, followed by a phone interview Friday.

I got the job Friday, and a 40% increase in pay. I called the [former] boss and resigned. For you geeks, he was concerned about us using 'make' as a software development tool. The consultant had never heard of it. - wpurple


McDonald's about 2 years ago. I worked there for 6 months. My managers knew that I wanted to work as much as possible, because I was one of the oldest at 21 ( most McDonald's employees are teens). I hated my coworkers, but otherwise was willing to put up with it as long as I could pay my rent.

Then I came in one day and saw my schedule had shifts that were less than 6 hours long, with one shift being only 3 hours, which isn't even long enough to qualify for the employee meal. I pulled my manager aside and said 'I'm sorry, but if you're going to keep cutting my hours for this sh*t pay, you can't expect me to stay and deal with these f*cking idiots. Because I like you, I will finish my shift. But when I leave tonight, I'm not coming back.' - HolyOrdersOtaku


In high school I washed dishes at a tex mex restaurant. Since i was under 18 it was illegal for them to ask me to work more than 30 hours in any 7 day period, I was working from right when I get out of school until about midnight twice a week.

There was some nepotism drama that caused half the bussers to quit on the spot, so they shuffled people around and told me I was working from as soon as I could get there after school to close, monday through friday, (solid 40 hours assuming I leave on time, and since they were understaffed that was unlikely) in finals week. I quit on the spot and gave zero f*cks - nickasummers


I was a server for a sports type restaurant. We had blocked off four sections for a 40-top all night (Saturday, very busy). Our shift started at 4pm, got in a few tables before the second shift came in at 6pm, then our sections were empty for this party due to arrive at 6:30p. So here we four are running around getting food and drinks to tables for the rest of the staff. We don't share tips, so this is us just being team players.

7p still no party, boss won't let us break up the party top and make money. Finally at 8p 10 people show up, boss won't let any of us go home (a 10 top only needs one server) and by then the rush was done. The closing servers didn't make us do our closing work (because of we helped them earlier) and just let us leave once the party left. So it's 10p and we ask the closing manager if we can grab some soup to take home to make up for the $4 we made from that party. Nope, even though we were always told yes. The next morning I walked in and quit.

There were other factors, as I told the GM a few days later. He wanted to know why I quit. I was sick of the server manager playing favorites, hugging those she liked. Then turning around and threatening those she doesn't like with discipline if they high-five (harassment). Scheduling those she didn't like in bad sections all the time, stuff like that. I don't regret it. - snippybitch


It was my third day being a bank teller. I was called into my bosses' office for 'performance issues.' Confused since it was my third day, I went in and was told that a manager reported me for complimenting a coworker on her computer skills.

They told me that compliments really just show I am insecure about my own abilities and are not allowed in the office. I told them that I believe in a positive work environment where people compliment and encourage each other, and I was quitting right then.

Also in the same meeting, they disclosed that 75 cents was 'missing' on my first day but was later found. They assumed I stole it, then replaced it, and were going to write me up. Umm...if I were to steal, I would have stole a f*ck of a lot more than 75 cents. - gouwbadgers


Went to get hired as a cashier/clean up job at a restaurant. During my interview I made sure to tell the manager at least 4 times that I would couldn't work three days at the end of the month but said that I could work ANY other days of any week (this was beginning of the month). I was going away to visit family and couldn't bail. He agreed... I remind him again at the training.

He agrees. Remind him again my first day of work. I wrote it in the time book, the official way to request off... he agrees. Three weeks pass. I look at the upcoming schedule. I'm scheduled two of the three days. I tell him I can't work then. He just says 'oh well we didn't have anyone else.' I laugh and just tell him seriously that I'm not showing up, he assumed I was joking. I didn't come back those days they scheduled me. He gave me a nasty call and email. I couldn't care any less. - bigcheekguy


I worked as an assistant manager at a fast food restaurant that I loved the owner got an offer for a bigger store 2 hours away. We got a new owner about 6 months later and she came in and fired one of our managers and a team leader. It was awful I personally got very depressed and didn't ever have fun at work. About 3 weeks in and she fired the other manager.

I worked the night shift and the day shift assistant manager called me and told me her and another team leader walked out after the manager was fired. I called another coworker and her and I were suppose to work at 5 that day so we walked in at around 4:55 in our normal clothes and handed in our keys. It was such a freeing feeling. - JennieB12132014


When I was a teenager I had been telling my cafe boss for months that I need to take a week off during winter to see family up north. I did everything by the book, literally there was a book they had to sign off requested time and I wrote it 3 months in advance and HE SIGNED IT. Then time comes to go and he tells me that something happened and he'll need me to find people to cover the shift. I told him 'that is you job as manager and I did mine.'

I went and I came back he wanted me to sign some warning paper for corporate. I looked at him, said 'I appreciate you as a person but this is one of the most unprofessional management styles I have ever seen' I left then and there. - [deleted]


I had a boss a few years back, she started setting out all of these new duties that the job entailed, none of which were in our contracts and which had previously been done by other people who they had just let go on a cost saving effort. We were told we wouldn't be getting any kind of pay rise for all of the extra work and hours we were gonna start doing (we were paid monthly not hourly).

I basically told her we weren't gonna stand for it and we were walking out. I got chewed out big time by my parents who said 'you just don't like hard work!' Next day the directors called. I was asked back to do the original job description and the boss was sacked. I felt so vindicated. - WarwickshireBear


Working concrete construction back when I was younger. I had set up a date with a girl for a coming Saturday three weeks beforehand. I was working a job out of town the Friday before our date but we were supposed to leave for home around noon. At 3pm I was told we would be staying the whole weekend.

We had been working all day in the pouring rain to ensure we got our weekend. I noped right out of there, drove home in the through the night, soaking wet, and half asleep. The girl I met up with the next day has been my wife for almost a decade now. - [deleted]


The CEO of the company I work at once made a one day only offer of $2000 to any employees that quit that day to weed out people who didn't 'really want to be there.' 50-60 people quit I think - Joel_Hirschorrn

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