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17 people who quit their jobs on the spot out of spite reveal their final straw.

17 people who quit their jobs on the spot out of spite reveal their final straw.


Quitting a job after a brutally honest, hilariously angry monologue can be a satisfying vision if you're willing to lose that potential reference...

Most of the time though, the quitting process is a fairly anti-climactic email followed by an exit interview. 'Thanks so much for the opportunity to make my life a living hell for 40 hours a week for two years.'

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'People who've quit their jobs on short notice out of spite. What was the final nail in the coffin?' brave former employees everywhere were ready to vent.


Quit Best Buy after two weeks. Just called up an hour or so before a shift and said 'yea, not coming in. Ever again.' Here's a list of sh*t from that two week time frame:

-Got barked at for taking a customer too close to a lift someone was using (during prime hours. On the sales floor). The lift was in the middle of an aisle and we turned around as soon as we rounded the corner and saw the thing blocking it.

-Got barked at for cleaning extremely dusty shelves and TVs at 9 in the morning because 'there are customers in the department.' There was one, on the other side of the department, and my co-worker was already attending to them.

-Was consistently sent to my 30 min lunch 3 hours into my 8 hour shift. That was also the only break allowed.

-Got barked at by supervisor after selling $3.5k worth of stuff to someone because I didn't tack on an extra $1k of useless shit and was accused of, quote, 'selling from my own pocket' (which basically means selling based on what I could afford).

-Hammered daily about credit card signup goals. That's all we heard. Every 30-60 minutes, an update on how close to the daily store goal we were. Know how many signups I saw in my two weeks there? None. Not for lack of trying.

-LP guys would tell you over the walkie when someone walked into the department. That got annoying quick. Compounded by the fact we were expected to go to them ASAP, chat, and hand them a little folder about our products. That's how management saw we were actually talking to people.

I worked retail 3 years before going to Best Buy. The way they ran things was just bats#*t insane compared to ways I had previously seen. - [deleted]


I worked in the kitchen of a popular pub chain in the UK over the summer when I was a student. It wasn't great work but I got paid. After summer I asked for a transfer to the pub of the same chain in my university city. It went through and I got given a kitchen close shift as my first shift.

I turn up and there's one other person there. And it's their first day working for the company. The bar manager comes up and asks me to train them and complete the close (full kitchen clean and restock for next day). Now I had done this plenty in my previous pub but I was new to this kitchen and didn't know where half the stuff was and the equipment was totally different.

I do what I can while trying to give the new girl some easier tasks. It gets to 1am and I think we are done. The bar manager comes up and goes ape sh*t at stuff I'd missed because it was not something we had in our pub. I just laughed and told him to fix it then and just left. Went back to my old pub and they took me back on and I just worked weekends. - div2691


I worked at a Tacobell in high school for 1.5 years. I was employee of the month 9 times. It got to the point where they just gave me a pretty large raise for my age, and removed me from EotM consideration.

A new manager with a serious attitude problem hated me for some reason. I had a day I called in sick, but was convinced to at least come in for pre-opening morning stuff just to get the store on its feet.

The store opens at 10am at which point b*tch manager and a few staff are scheduled to start, which is when I left. By the time I got home I had a voicemail on our answering machine with this b*tch SCREAMING saying I'm fired etc. For job abandonment.

I called the regional manager who gave me my job back instantly. My next shift we had a pretty big meeting with the regional manager, store manager, and the bitch manager. This lady got blasted in as professional of a way as possible and it was glorious!

The meeting ends with the big dog managers getting this lady to apologize to me, and she can just barely get it out without her head exploding. They asked if I had anything to add. 'I quit' - [deleted]


My manager stopped answering my emails. just stopped. i was practically begging for a meeting to discuss my future/a long overdue raise/etc. last email i sent said 'ya know what, forget it. don't need a meeting now. I f*#$ing quit.' had a better job later that day, making more with more benefits and half the stress. - cubs_070816


When I moved to a small town I had a hard time finding a job. I ended up working in a sales position. Within the first month I had started working I had asked to keep a particular day free for a friend's wedding.

From the start there were issues... the manager was this creepy guy in his mid 30s who would hit on every young girl who came into the shop and act inappropriately with my younger female coworker. He even said to me that he couldn't joke with me that way because I had a fiance.

There was no talking to the boss about anything because she was even weirder. She used the manager like her personal errand boy and he took liberties like taking cash advances without permission from the till. The manager said it would be no problem. When I had worked long enough to make commissions the manager would step into my sales, telling the customer I was still in training and essentially steal my commissions.

The other girls who worked there said he did the same thing to them on occasion. I eventually snapped and called him out on it and the crazy f*&^er yelled in my face about it. I'll admit I raised my voice as well.

When it came time for my friend's wedding I was scheduled for that day. When I reminded him about it he said 'too bad.' So I asked another coworker if we could switch shifts and she was okay with it but when we brought it to him he refused to allow it.

So I worked my last shift the day before the wedding then I emailed the boss and told her I was giving in my immediate notice, I had even arranged for my other coworker to cover my shift as to not leave them in a bind 'cause I'm nice like that. He dared show up at my house to demand to know why I had quit. My fiance told him to get lost.

The best part was the week before a couple ladies who worked at our local municipality had come in to hook up their phones and both noted I seemed to be a wasted talent there and gave me their number. I went to work for the local government office after. - river_seal


The final nail was when my boss asked me (her assistant manager) to disburse employee checks while she was on vacation. They were mailed from the home office and I had to separate and put them all in envelopes. It was then that I realized this B*tch only offered me 50 cents more an hour than her favorite donut maker (she was also making considerably more than the other donut maker as well).

When she got back I asked her about it. Told me it was a mistake. The next payday she asked me to do the checks when I came in for my shift. No problem, with the exception that she had taken the donut makers check out and gave it to her personally so I wouldn't see it.

That was the final straw. I'm not going to be blatantly lied to or taken advantage of. So the next day I went in ten minutes before my shift was to start and threw my name tag on the counter (manager was worker register) and told her that I cant stand a liar, and I'm not going to work for someone like that.

The look on her face was awesome. My coworkers told me she had to stay and cover my shift and all my shifts, as well as her own for almost a month. I took two weeks off and found another job that ended up paying way better with better hours. F*ck you, Kathy!! - golddustwoahman


Worked at a place that took horse racing bets. Got promoted to the backend of operation where I monitored tracks and conditions.

Got sick of it almost immediately as the hours were sometimes awful (4a start times! Hooray!) and the manager of the department would randomly go off on people for literally no reason, and went off on me two days before the Kentucky Derby, because I sipped coffee too loud while on the phone with her.

I called my friend's work to see if they were still hiring (for better pay, no less). I was told I could start in a week, so I submitted my letter of resignation the day before the busiest day of the year in the horse racing industry and took a week off. - bresslol


I was working at a bar in a popular family-oriented restaurant. A customer came in who had previously been permanently banned for sexually harassing me and other employees.

The night he was banned, he said something extremely inappropriate about me, and when asked to leave by the management became belligerent and started cussing and yelling in the middle of a busy restaurant on a Friday night.

This guy had also been a regular who would always make the female employees very uncomfortable and would come in blackout drunk, then pitch a fit when we refused to serve him more alcohol. Him being banned was long overdue at this point.

Guy walks in one night and sits himself right down at the bar, about 2-3 weeks after being “permanently banned.” I immediately turned to my boss who was standing right next to the bar, and asked him to deal with this guy.

My boss suddenly got all sheepish, and started saying he had a long conversation with this guy and he promised he would “be on his best behavior” from here on out, and to “just go get him a beer.” I gathered my belongings and walked out right then and there.

Turns out, this guy was friends with the owner and the owner was fully aware of the situation and was fine with it. They had been letting him into the restaurant and serving him the whole time he was “banned” on the condition he didn’t come when I was working, because they knew I wouldn’t be ok with it but they also couldn’t afford to lose me at the time. Jerks. - moonpeebles


I had a boss ask me to change how I took my bipolar medication so I could trigger permanent mania as I got more done that way. Uhhh.. no. - faithlessdisciple


I posted about this before, but my boss actually came to my house, demanded to see me to my roommates (who inexplicably let him in and pointed to my room), my boss went into my bedroom where I was in bed reading (and thank god, dressed), and he proceeded to yell at me for 15 minutes about the status of the calendar display.

It was Christmas season, I managed a bookstore, and the calendar display was probably a mess because they were so hard to keep neat. Stunned that my boss came into my private bedroom on my time off, I simply did nothing. I didn't know that was even a thing someone would consider doing.

My boss demanded I come in early the next morning, along with someone from corporate would would be there, and I would get lectured on my calendar display and given lessons on how to set it up right. Then he left, slamming my door behind him.

I called my girlfriend at the time, and she convinced me to just quit and come to see her (she lived 400 miles away) and stay for Christmas. Then I went to my roommates, asked them incredulously 'why did you let that guy come in here?' ('I dunno, he said he was your boss, and looked mad!'), and then packed. I got a train ticket, took my store keys off my keyring, and got some sleep.

The next morning, I walked into the store early, met my boss and the corporate guy, and silently, I handed him my key and only said, 'No hard feelings, you shouldn't have done that, though.' I turned around, walked out of the store, and took a train to Cumberland. I spent Christmas with my girlfriend for a few weeks, came back to my place, and got another job within 2 weeks.

Leaving a store around Christmas time f*#%ed my boss, because he had to work my store, arrange for floaters to cover him, and he had to take over all the paperwork, while running all the other stores in the district. He probably had to work 80 hours weeks over Christmas and into New Years.

According to my former employees when I came back to pick up my last paychecks, my boss was shocked and overwhelmed. He seemed completely bewildered why I quit. When I told them, they were like, 'Oh. Oh no, that's not cool. That's not cool at all.'

Also, I ended up marrying that girlfriend. Final blow: due to his scrambling, he forgot to file I had quit until mid January, so I got paid for a month I didn't work there, plus I got store bonus because I had been there a full calendar year according to the paperwork. - punkwalrus


Being passed over for a change of shifts after 2 years, and 6 months of requesting it. Graveyard will really mess with your life, and seeing multiple new hires get day and swing pissed me off to no end.

So I grabbed a case of beer, wrote a really sarcastic note about not being dracula and how I deserve to see the sun, taped it to the door, and shoved the key through the crack after locking up.

So be kind to your local convenience store cashier, because while you sleep, they stand there under the florescent lights all night, dealing with weirdos. - Booji-Boy


I was on contract and the boss asked me to 'put in more effort,' which took some explaining. What he really meant was, 'I want you to put in more hours for free.'

This was in a 'shape up or ship out' speech following a lunch he'd had with my recruiter. What he didn't realize was that I had spoken to my recruiter already and knew he'd told him a bunch of lies, which I called him out on. He was trying to explain things like, 'Well, what I meant was...' thinking my recruiter wouldn't tell me.

At one point, he wanted to keep running me down, but I didn't want to hear it, so I told him so and that I would just pack my things and leave. He said, 'But you have to give me two weeks notice!'

From day one, this guy had been saying no notice was necessary and if he didn't want me around any more, I would be gone just like that, with no explanation, so I told him that and that he'd said it was a two-way street and if I wanted to quit, I could, 'no questions asked.'

When the conversation ended, he said he needed to talk to his boss before I could leave. I told him okay, but he only had until I packed my things. I packed things up, waited about five minutes more, then left. I called my recruiter and told him what happened.

This guy lasted a few weeks more, but was fired. I like to think I helped with that, partly because he had been blaming me every time something went wrong, but I'd also been doing some work for the company's CFO, which the CFO liked, but this guy didn't, but still tried taking credit for, even though he knew nothing about it. So, when I left, I think it exposed a bunch of his other lies. - Azzizzi


I worked for a large insurance company. Husband and I were adopting our son from China. I told my boss that I would only be given about 3 weeks notice from the adoption agency of when I'd be traveling to China. Boss grumbled about it and daily would ask me, 'Do you know when yet?' Sometimes he'd ask me multiple times a day.

I finally got my travel dates. My boss arranged for a temp to take over my files while I was gone. I gave my boss and the temp my work email so that they could access my stuff (the company was paperless so all the reports came in through email).

I return home from China with my son and take a few more weeks off to bond with him. A few days before I'm due to return to the office, I check my work email from home and discover that I had over 1,000 emails in my inbox, all unread! My boss and the temp said they 'forgot' to check my emails.

It took weeks to get all my work caught up, some of which involved me working until midnight or later from home. My boss also griped about having me be gone for a total of 6 weeks, even though women on maternity leave take 6 weeks off. Apparently since my son wasn't biologically mine, I had no right to miss so much work. Yep, I quit about two months after I returned to work. F that. - DareWright


Back in my rocker days, I used to have really long hair like almost down to my waist (I’m a dude). I worked in the kitchen for a hospital. I was a good employee, I was a hard worker, did my work without complaining and did it right. I was never late and I followed all the rules as expected.

The manager always made it a point to remind to me to net my hair, or pick it up and under my hat (kitchen staff wore hats). His reminders were perfectly fine and expected, after all it was his job to oversee and enforce food safety rules. Then his, also a rocker, son was hired.

His son and I did not work the same shift. In two weeks time, he was late, stole food, and rarely netted his hair much less pick it up. One day we end up on the same shift. Like clock work, boss man comes over and remind me about my hair, fine no problem.

Work begins and I see his son with his hair out. I asked the boss man what the deal was, why can that dude have his hair down, boss man said “stop complaining. Other employees are not your concern.' I clocked out that very second and never went back. I was off to basic training in a month’s time. Best decision ever. - [deleted]


Was hired to do facility maintenance, set up machines for different operations, qa operators work, do basic machine programming and train new operators on any machine in the facility.

Ended up being promised a raise for 9 months straight, was ultimately told 'it wasn't in the budget' when I inquired about when my pay bump would be coming, but was shown a signed employment contract a temp to hire had signed that day promising the pay rate I had been asking for (I also trained that guy so major kick in the teeth for me).

That combined with being put on the most brain dead machine possible for 4 months straight due to insane turnover rate caused by the most incompetent and unprofessional operations manager I've ever met is what ultimately led to me sending an immediately effective resignation notice at 5pm on a Friday.

I was never late, never written up, and regularly pulled weekend overtime to fix down machines to keep production intact. Overall I found out I was only being paid about 60% of what I was worth at best. - nivek_c


Scheduled me for a 12 hour opening shift, six hours after finishing a 12 hour closing shift. I was willing to overlook the fact that this was totally illegal. But I overslept a bit, and walked in 4 minutes late. She wrote me up for being late. I signed it, then immediately clocked out and left without a word. F*ck that. - [deleted]


I walked straight out of my job at DQ when I was 17. Basically it was lunch rush and since it was a Sunday we had a skeleton crew since lunch was the only busy time of day. I had 11 orders on the screen with more coming in, absolutely flying around the kitchen making stuff.

Manager was standing in the doorway, literally just leaning up against the wall, talking sh*t like 'Wow you're kinda slow today' or 'I thought you were faster than this.' I was still getting orders out in <6 minutes and she wasn't even offering to help. I was already sick of working there but this pushed me over the edge.

I asked if she was going to help and she said no. I asked if she thought she could do better than me and she said 'of course.' I told her 'Okay then, have fun' and dropped my hat/nametag on the counter and walked out.

Felt so f*#&ing good. I got a job two weeks later in a department store making more per hour, with no grease/heat and coworkers who weren't sh*^ty people. - catfroman

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