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17 employees share the most immature thing they've seen a coworker do.

17 employees share the most immature thing they've seen a coworker do.


Working with coworkers can form genuine friendships, happy hour trauma bonds, or a petty years-long feud with someone you would never interact with otherwise...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the most immature thing you've ever seen a coworker do at work?' employees everywhere were ready to share the gossip in the office DMs and staff group chats.


Pretend to faint - Bodymindisoneword


I once saw a fully grown man in tears because his wife wouldn't let him buy an X-Box game. - Rough_And_Ready


Travel industry worker here. When passing through customs in other countries, we routinely get our luggage searched. One coworker consistently puts his skid marked underwear on the top, so its first on display for the inspection officer.

He will purposely take 5 minutes of his time before we go through the checkpoint to make sure his setup is complete before passing through. - Thecap10


Was an RA and saw my coworker pitch a tantrum about a situation despite being on call for that evening. We are talking. Foot stomping. Yelling. Crying. Anger. It was a sight to behold. - Macabalony


Just overall fakeness. I am 26 and most of my coworkers are in the 40-60 year old range. They talk so much garbage on each other and then are so fake to their face that it baffles me. So I'm quiet and rarely talk to people here. I've worked retail, bartending, restaurants, etc. but middle aged office workers are the fakest I have ever seen. - Jupiterjukebox728


A disgruntled co-worker deliberately parked his pick-up truck directly in front of the dumpster to prevent access to it - and all because the company sent out a memo stating the dumpster was off-limits to employees and 'solely for business use.'

Before the notice, this employee would frequently be seen arriving with his pick-up truck carrying personal junk which he threw into the company dumpster. - Back2Bach


Came in stoned and bragged about it. I was working in a warehouse with heavy equipment. I don't care if you get stoned on your own time, not my business, but that is a safety hazard and a liability waiting to happen. He was fired. - calcaneus


I was assistant store manager in retail at 19 after working there for 3 months. One of the older ladies who was working there for about 15-20 years told me she wasn't going to listen to me because I was incompetent so I told her to go home for the night and had the store manager remove her from any of my shifts.

Well the next day her husband was up at the store questioning me and pissed off at me because I was there for only three months and I told him.

'I've been here a short period of time and got 2 promotions and 2 raises. Your wife has been here 10+ years and hasn't moved anywhere, so please tell me again who is the incompetent one here' - [deleted]


I'm obviously a bit biased because I was so offended by this, but... Several years ago, the receptionist at a company I worked for brought her husband in on a Friday morning to discuss with the company CEO/president (small firm, ~15 employees) why she should be allowed to take PTO the following week instead of me.

Her husband demanded of the CEO that I move my vacation by a week because that was 'only fair,' given that she'd worked there 10 years longer than I had. SHE BROUGHT HER HUSBAND IN TO TALK TO HER BOSS.

I was going out of the country to visit a college friend and had put it on everyone's calendar two months in advance. She wanted to go on a self-described 'spontaneous trip to the beach' with her daughter and infant grandchild, who lived next door to her. - tilton9


A couple of years ago, two grown-a*s men in their 40s, who no longer work with me, almost came to blows over which wanted to try to f*ck my housemate and who would do her the most physical damage in doing so. - ArtOfFailure


We had someone, a librarian in fact, who had two voice levels: silence and SCREAMING. She would scream at coworkers, she would scream at children, she would scream at technology that wasn't working, she would scream at her boss. It's unreal how long it took to get her fired. - pm_me_yo_junk


Work with a girl who could have been Regina in Mean Girls. She will purposely walk by 5 girls at the front desk in the morning and only say hi to 1 or 2.

She loves to come up front and make 'plans for the office' that excludes a quarter of the office, and usually the ones within earshot. She is almost 40 but still treats the office like senior year in high school. - emjaybe


We have a coworker who routinely pretends not to hear people when they ask for help with something. - [deleted]


I had a female coworker downright HATE me and refuse to talk to me for literally no reason. My boss stepped in when she realized there was clearly a problem. Turns out this girl claimed I didn't say hi to her one morning after she said hi to me.

I am not that kind of person whatsoever. If I didn't say 'hi'''s because I didn't hear you. Ridiculously immature. Grow up, you're almost 30. - Lizzythelizzard122


I have one who complains that she doesn't get enough hours, yet will ask to leave early. Every. Single. Day. - Cplcoffeebean


Spray-painted an anarchy symbol on his office door. During office hours, of course, so he could give everyone else a huffer's headache. - SewsBeforeBros


Call their mom because they weren't scheduled like they wanted. Mom came down and yelled at the manager. - Kaylinwriter14

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