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22 people reveal the new rule that was enforced because of something they did.

22 people reveal the new rule that was enforced because of something they did.


Being the reason that the employee handbook is edited can be humilating, but 'no shirt, no shoes, no service (and no rollerblades)' signs are only put up when someone is creative...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What rule was made because of you?' people were ready to share the rules that were established because of their attitude, behavior, attire, or overall hilariously weird move.


The place I work used to have unlimited coffee for their employees. Three weeks after I started working, there was a sign above the coffee maker that stated that employees were limited to 3 cups a day. - yourbrainonvape


No aluminum bats on campus. Spanish class Piñata party gone very wrong. Still have the scar. - toptrot


My high school made us leave our backpacks in our lockers because my Spanish teacher tripped over mine and sprained her ankle. She was on crutches and everything. - foureyesoffury


Tarantulas are not permitted on school property - [deleted]


The lacrosse team I played for in college isn’t allowed to drink on team trips anymore. - teamfupa


Pokémon was banned in our Catholic elementary school because the principal thought my friend and I were praising it instead of Jesus. It was quite a ride - longassleghair


In high school my group of friends and me started bringing a grill to school to make toasted ham cheese sandwiches in the lunch breaks. Soon after, more and more kids brought their grills to school. After about a week, the school banned grills on school property completely as they claimed it was a fire hazard - XOSkully


In elementary school, 2nd grade I think, I had to pee really really bad, but I was in music class and my teacher was singing us a song ans playing guitar, so I went up to her anyways and asked to pee and she got upset.

And since then she would remind us all that we can't go up to her while she's singing to ask to pee. I just didn't want to pee my pants, woman. - CandelaBelen


No selling Coca Cola in the hallway. - PM_me_your__guitars


Students are forbidden to jump out through the windows - Shosh99


The library started putting up signs about 'Authorized computer activities' because I remotely rebooted the computers of noisy kids over and over. To be fair, it was a library - [deleted]


I was going to my first guitar lesson at school so I asked someone where the band room was and he pointed in its general direction. I tried to open the door that led to the room he pointed at, but it was kind of hard to open.

So I pushed harder, and a giant bookcase came crashing down onto the floor. I don’t have any idea why they put a huge bookcase in front of a push door. But now there’s a permanent sign on the door that says: “DO NOT OPEN THIS DOOR—EVER!!!” - racooncoup


My senior year in HS, I had an English teacher who allowed all work to be turned in up to the last week of class. I turned in pretty much every assignment right about then, apart from the end-of-unit projects. Next semester, all the work for all units was due at the end of the unit. - maveric_gamer


'Students are prohibited from organizing, advertising, playing, observing, or otherwise engaging in any form of rummy, blackjack, Texas Hold 'Em, 5/7 card stud/draw, Pai Gow, or poker during lunch period.

Poker chips and cards are prohibited from school grounds except when required for specific, pre-approved activities or projects. Violation of this policy is subject to expulsion and referral to law enforcement for illegal gambling.'

This was middle school, decades ago. Our first (and last) Annual [school district] Texas Hold 'Em Tournament, presented by Jr's Bait Shop, was a resounding success. - eyeintheskyonastick


There is a required pin to change profile pictures on the classroom iPads now. This is because I decided to change every staff member’s profile picture in the school iPads to a smiling old man on April 1st. - [deleted]


The winery we had our wedding at, no longer has weddings. Nothing particularly unexpected, but essentially my groomsmen could/can really drink. Most everyone else - not so much.

There wasn't supposed to be any hard alcohol at the venue, so of course my gifts to the groomsmen were engraved flasks. Which of course we all promptly filled with who knows what devil juice they pilfered, distilled, or otherwise acquired.

I should note that our wedding planner was pretty uptight in general and especially about this 'no hard liquor' thing, which my dudes essentially took as a challenge. They (ok, ok...we) proceeded to get pretty smashed, and get my old man pretty smashed, and several members of the bridal party, and I'm pretty sure some of the catering staff too lol. This mostly went down after the ceremony.

Naturally, drunken shenanigans ensue. Best man had to have the mic taken from him after revealing my arrest record to my new in-laws, one groomsman fell into and somehow damaged the fountain out front, another groomsman passed out in the parking lot (big fella, too), and I can't really remember what else.

All in all it was really just a hell of a party, but the venue was definitely not prepared for our level Just celebrated our seven year anniversary one month ago today. :) - fox_212


No singing Les Miserables at work. That first song with the prisoners working. Me with a mop. - RingGiver


Board operators at the radio station have to show up 30 minutes early because I slept through a fill-in shift to run the morning news show - andytheg


No 'obscene or disturbing' costumes. For halloween last year in school, I applied makeup following some YT tutorial I saw to make myself look like 2face from that Batman movie. Looked like my face was ripped off. - sirb2spirit


My cabin at a summer camp got glowsticks banned because we cut them open and sprayed the glowy sh*t all over the place. - 00zau


My mum is the reason they chain down the nativity scene at our local casino. Last year she tried to make off with the baby Jesus - Flavourtown69


So in 4th grade we had this thing called wax museum where you dressed up as a historical figure and gave presentation. So my friend was Harry Houdini and so he had handcuffs.

So as 10 year olds we were messing with them and my friend put them on me. These were not the cheap plastic ones at the dollar store they were prop ones made from real metal.

So they get stuck and long story short i was in the office with 3 people around me trying to get the handcuffs open with pens and a pumpkin knife. My sister said when she had to do it there was no handcuffs allowed. Thanks Nathan for trapping me - MegaNerd26

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