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17 people share the worst red flag they've ever noticed about a work environment.

17 people share the worst red flag they've ever noticed about a work environment.


Noticing workplace red flags can be tough when you haven't been burned before by a 'live to work' job, but after one boss tells you that the staff is a 'happy family,' you'll never work for free on a holiday as a 'favor' ever again....

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What are some workplace red flags that scream 'don’t work here?'' people were eager to share the blazing, blaring red flags they noticed during a nightmarish interview or a former gig from hell. Note: when they say, 'nobody ever uses their vacation days' run for the nearest hill.


If you get asked in interviews about how you deal with workplace conflict and how you get along with difficult personalities. If they’re asking about how you deal with difficult customers, that’s one thing. If they basically ask how you handle a toxic work environment, it’s going to be a toxic work environment. I very naively learned this the hard way. - nosuchthingasa_


When the ad says they're looking for a 'Team Player.' Every single company I have ever worked for, bar none, that has asked for a 'Team Player' has now left me taking that to mean: 'Someone who can be as dishonest as we are, just to make the Sale or keep the Lie alive.' No thanks. I'm not corruptible and will always stay honest, thank you very much. - nsvxheIeuc3h2uddh3h1


They’re looking for “rockstars.' - Marquetan


If they have a blackout period for PTO from November to January 2nd. - sisterfister69hitler


Blaming previous employees for problems like messy file organization or projects. They will do it to you too once you leave. - Virtual_Elephant_730


5 page long job description. 'Fast paced environment.' 'Ability to multi-task.' (I found this common in small non-profits, happier at a big company now). You will be doing the jobs of 5 different positions with a low title and low pay and won't get any respect. Also, high turnover rates. When there's a rotating door of staff and no one stays longer than 2 years. - sparklystars1022


Being hired on the spot - Icy-Maintenance7738


“Work hard, play hard” = “You won’t have a life outside the office, but we’ll pump you full of booze!” - DefinitelyABot475632


They hire a lot of family members - Resident_Rat


If they're plastering 'It's so much FUN to work here!', all over the place, RUN. I believe in good workplace morale, but if they have to advertise it, it's not. - notthesedays


If you ever hear a higher up say anything along the lines of “I don’t have to do that because I’m a X.' As a manager/owner/lead/etc…Your job is to support your team, if that means as a store owner you’re cleaning puke off the bathroom floor guess what, you’re cleaning puke off the bathroom floor. If you ever see a boss refusing to help when it’s busy or delegating a task poorly, quit. - GardenSpecialist5619


One thing I look for when interviewing onsite is checking out peoples desks as I walk through the halls. If there are no personal effects or decor in workers cubicles, then that makes me think people just hate being there. I think if there are decorations, people are more comfortable and enjoy their job and workspaces and it's likely a more friendly place to work. - nice_touch


'Were like a family'

'Be willing to work in a fast-paced environment'

This is just code for 'we will guilt you into doing things beyond your job, and we are poorly managed' - Slawth_x


When your initial interview doesn’t start on time, and you’re waiting. They don’t respect your time. Which essentially means they don’t respect their workers. - Street_Vacation_2730


If all of the other employees look sullen and depressed. If you walk into the office area and feel like you've walked into a funeral service. Nobody's smiling, nobody's laughing. Nobody looks remotely happy or content. Just turn around and walk back to your car. That is not a good place to be working at. - Jasons_Brain


'We have more work than we know what to do with. You can get all the overtime you want.' Really means we can't get enough work done because we run everyone off and also over work them. You will not have a work/life balance. - bubbz41


Everyone you meet has been working there less than 2 years and it isn't a startup. - LeeroyTC

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