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20 employees share the worst secret they discovered while working in their industry.

20 employees share the worst secret they discovered while working in their industry.


The head chef is a microwave with a mustache, the customer definitely isn't 'always right,' and we're not going to the back room to 'check' we're just standing there for ten seconds before emerging with a 'sorry looks like we're out...'

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What’s a trade secret you know from working the industry?' people were ready to reveal their favorite tricks of the trade and insider information of the workplace.


If you call a call center of any kind, and the person you're talking to puts you on hold with no hold music, they can hear everything you're saying. I worked in an insurance call center when I was really young. I had so many people accidentally confess to insurance fraud that way. - ayarbee


Worked in high end golf clubs for years- almost all politicians register their handicap scores under a false name. The USGA handicap records are technically public information, and people would be pretty pissed if they knew how much time these guys actually spend playing golf. -lowmack92


Attorneys can really only remember the details of about 20 to 40 cases at a time, so if you call your attorney after about a month or two, depending on the firm and how busy they are, they likely completely forgot what happened to you, and are working off a set of notes to pretend they have any clue who you are.

Especially if you've really only interacted with them via phone other than one time in person for an intake or whatever. - Phenns


That the reason why celebrities always look good in whatever they wear is that the clothing is tailored to their exact measurements. Shoppers will buy the size closest to, take it to someone to alter, and then deliver it. Yes, even the tshirts. - EndlesslyUnfinished


Casinos don't need to cheat. We have already rigged the game against you. - PrisonerV


If you are wondering what's taking me so long to process your loan application, it's because I forgot about it. - Commoolid3242


Automotive Industry. Never buy the first year of any new model car. - Top-Sundae-8458


At any given point in time, roughly 10-20% of the entire internet has a dev team in an absolute panic state. The websites you use for every aspect of your life are held together with duct tape and shoe strings - ideit


The urine pregnancy test you take at the doctor's is the same as the dollar tree one - OppStoppa327


Tourism industry here. Look up when peak season is for the destination you’re looking at. There are usually cheaper prices are the beginning and end of the season. Try to book at the beginning of the season.

Seasonal workers work themselves ragged and are usually completely burnt out at the end. At the beginning of the season, everyone is stoked to start making money again. - firebired_sweet


All Emergency rooms are not EQUAL emergency rooms. In my hospital, we don’t have any sort of OB, Pediatrics or any of that. Whenever a kid comes in, or worse a baby, the nurses and doctors are all in a panic. Not because they’re incompetent but because that’s not what our hospital does regularly.

Sure we will stabilize to the best of our ability and we will immediately call the local children's hospital, but if you have a child for example in distress, and you have multiple hospitals near by, try being aware before hand which one is the best for yours or your child’s needs. You don’t want to rush into an ER where there isn’t someone who can confidently and effectively treat you. - Afy2181406


In the united states, movie theaters spend more money on the bags for popcorn than the popcorn itself - placeholderNull


When you shop at Walmart, do you sometimes hear the announcement saying security cameras to zone six, or another number?

They play them randomly in the hopes that someone who might be stealing will get paranoid thinking they’re being watched, and will decide not to shoplift. - kimblebee18


As a freelance photographer, most magazines and newspapers don't pay you for using your photos. They offer you photo credit only. If you ask to be paid, they just get a similar photo from someone else. - RoTTonSKiPPy


Arcade crane games have knobs inside that let you control how strong the claw grabs. So you basically make the claw really weak strength and then there’s a setting in the motherboard to make the claw go full power after a certain amount of plays. Whatever the arcade or owner decides how often they want people to actually win. -khuumshaat


Worst possible Secret. I worked in the main shipping warehouse for a popular lingerie chain. I processed returns. We were trained to use tape to extract pubes from used underwear and then repack it as new. I quit after 2 months, not for me. - frogmuffins


In recording studios, very rarely is a vocal sung all the way through. What you're hearing is each line punched in individually. Almost always. - Sweet-Ad-7048


In real estate, open houses are primarily to get more leads and clients for the agents hosting the open house, not to get your house sold. - appraisersRdum


All I’ll say is wash the tops of your canned goods before opening them folks. For the love of God do it. - horsetoothjackass119


Vinegar is the best thing to get your cutlery shiny in a restaurant/bar - Apprehensive_Cry545

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