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18 people share the most 'fireable' thing they've seen someone do and stay employed.

18 people share the most 'fireable' thing they've seen someone do and stay employed.


Getting fired over a careless mistake or unhinged customer interaction happens to the best of us, but severely messing up on the clock and miraculously keeping your job is a staff story for the books...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the most fireable thing you have seen someone do at work that didn’t get them fired?' people were ready to share the workplace incidents they'll never forget.


'What are you gonna do? Fire me? I'm your only line cook that'll take 3 waiters, a bus boy, and the dish washer with me if I leave!' I was the dish washer. - EshoWarCry


When I worked retail, I once challenged a customer to step outside and fight. The customer - I'll never forget this - said, 'Dude, you're at work,' and walked out, shaking his head. Sometimes the customer is right! - Brand_Ex2001


In a hospital the person went out to get a patient and called out in the waiting room, 'Where's my little (insert name of disease the infant had) baby?' Basically just told all the people in the room what disease the baby had and the mother's jaw dropped and was furious. Nothing happened. She ended up quitting on her own 3-4 years later. - Candersx


Literally not working. She would get to work at 6:30 and I would see her leaving as I pulled in at 8:00. Her boss hadn’t even arrived yet. This was like 4-5 days per week. She maybe stayed till 2:00 on the good days.

They tried to fire her and were told it was impossible to fire anyone for anything at a university. They waited for the grant to run out and then didn’t put her on the new one. It took 2 years. - chimney_sweep


Talking sh$t about the manager while sitting about 50 feet from his desk- manager just walked away - Difficult-Load-5588


I was doing some kind of apprentice's/studying and working thing. During semester breaks we were working, or would need to take time off. That meant informing who you were working with (as soon as you would know), going through a tool process for requesting your time off, checking back it was approved.

People were surprised when a colleague didn't show up on the first day after the semester. He hadn't called in sick. After not being there until mid day, the department he should be at called our supervisor. The supervisor checked if there were time off or sickness and they simply forgot to inform department? Nope.

So they called him. It took more than one try, but he answered and told them.'oh yeah. I'm in new York. Sorry I forgot to inform the department or put in time off, I won't be there until two weeks.'

He was not fired - and this would be one of the few actual offenses for which that would have been possible. Which is hard in my country (rightfully so).

Even worse, he was also not made to return immediately and I never heard anything about any other repercussions (albeit I simply may have missed them).

I'm still blinking and wondering. That's not a 'oopsie'. It's traveling to another continent! It takes months of planning. Yet no one even knew. He didn't simply forget to enter it, he told no one. Not even colleagues. And nothing came of it. - deterministic_lynx


Falling asleep multiple times. Sometimes while he was meant to be monitoring a potentially dangerous mechanical test rig. He was lucky that is generally fell asleep in a position that looked like he was working. - redbarron_123


Leave 30 mins into the shift without telling anyone and logging it as a full 8hr day - emilyymads21


A coworker at the gas station I use to work at had removed her iud on her own, brought it to work to show it off for some reason and left it on the food prep table. didn't even have it in a bag or anything. multiple coworkers handled it not knowing what it was. - ihate_exsisting


Hook up with his assistant in our wellness room DURING business hours. - galaxygirlthrowaway


Not do her job. Find any excuse to avoid work. Spend half the day chatting on the phone. Then work unapproved overtime, claiming that she had too much work and needed to catch up. Yes, I'm talking about you, Stephanie. Worst co-worker I ever had. - mom_with_an_attitude


Watched a coworker rent an entire big box retail store parking lot to a BMW dealership for cash on the side so they could park excess inventory. Corporate didn't know. He pocketed all the money. - OopsNiceTry


It was me, but I faked a coworkers death by putting a makeshift memorial up in his assigned parking spot on April 1st. It had his picture, flowers, a handful of candles, the whole deal. The head of HR was not amused. Everyone else loved it, though. - dlebs83


Supervisor freaked out on the sales guy and just clocked out. It was a super busy shipping day and he was just done. He got to the end of the driveway and turned around and clocked back in and they just acted like he didn't tell them to f off lol - GuySaysStuff


Tried his damndest to sleep with the bosses wife while out at a work party. got fired months later for something completely unrelated - bluebirdgoogle


This was in car sales. Dude showed up drunk or heavy hangover constantly. But he sold a lot of cars, somehow, so they didn’t care - MurtZero1134


Woman let her adult son into the break room to warm up synthetic urine in the break room microwave so he could pass a drug test. - pokematic


My wife is a toddler teacher. On a new teachers first day while putting the kids down for nap, she fell asleep. Like full-on out cold. Kids were wandering the halls until someone else noticed them and woke her up - PhoenixMason13


He hit the OSHA inspector with a forklift. - ScarnAndMacklinFBI

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