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Coworker gets 'destitute' SAHM fired from her first job; 'She harassed my kids on Facebook!' AITA?

Coworker gets 'destitute' SAHM fired from her first job; 'She harassed my kids on Facebook!' AITA?


When this woman feels the need to get a toxic person out of her office who may be desperate for the job, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for telling my boss to fire my coworker after what she did?"

I (F) have worked at a small, local business for almost 12 years now. We have about 8 employees currently and are short staffed.

About 3 weeks ago they hired on some woman in her 50s, who we will call "Karen". Karen, in the beginning, was very appreciative of being hired on - as her husband is out of work following a car wreck and their home was in the process of foreclosure.

She stated she had been searching for employment for months but no one would hire her because she had zero employment history. She was a "stay at home wife" (no kids).

Now, in the beginning Karen and I got along well enough. But sh&t hit the fan last week. She stated she has 5 dogs and I simply made the comment that I don't like dogs and could never have one as a pet.

I told her I like other people's dogs well enough but could never have my own, basically. She took it as a personal attack apparently. She turned around in her chair and avoided me the rest of the shift.

That night my phone starts blowing up with Facebook notifications from her. I don't have her as a friend on there. She was going through and laugh reacting at every single photo of my children that were posted as public (tagged photos).

If that weren't bad enough, she then comments underneath a photo of my youngest (4 month old) "ew, you don't like dogs but you like these ugly things? 🤮🤮"

And another comment not even 30 seconds later on a photo of my 12yo son and 10yo daughter, saying "gross".

I screen shot everything and then block her. The next day I go to my boss and hand over my phone with all the screen shots pulled up. I tell him "either you fire her right now or I'm gone. I refuse to be in the same work place as this b&tch."

Well, Karen just happened to walk in to his office while I was in there and he immediately told her to collect the items from her desk and leave. She asked why and he pointed to the screenshots on my phone and said "this is why".

She started berating me, of course, because I got her fired when she desperately needs the money because they will lose their home and no one else would hire her and she can't believe I'm being "so sensitive" and that she "just wanted me to feel how she felt" when I "threw in her face that I don't like dogs". AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

poppysworkshop writes:

ESH.First, you should have kept your opinion to yourself, there was no need to make it. Why did you feel is was necessary to open your yap about your feelings towards dogs to someone who is essentially a stranger?

That's something you only share with friends. Keep your opinions/feelings to yourself at work. Now, Karen is a wackjob, I am sure sooner, rather than later something would have set her off. She's the AH for sure.

wolfmanbrother writes:

YTA. I know many people won’t agree with me here, but hear me out. Come on, man. Or woman.… Doesn’t really matter. If you’re old enough to have an adult job, you should be old enough to know that dog people are crazy, And some of them even view them as their children.

Some of them have even gone this route because they’re in capable of having children, so as some form of cognitive dissonance, they have convinced them selves that dogs are like or even equal to children.

I’m like you. I don’t agree with these people. Dogs are fine. I don’t want to half to pet a dog, and I see the daggers coming from people when I don’t pet their animal. They chose to have a dog; not me.

All of that being said, you could’ve very easily not made a comment that you probably knew would rub her the wrong way. She definitely went way overboard. She was hurt. And she spent the entire rest of the day and night in her head digging deeper. And she snapped.

And instead of treating her like a human, you took advantage of the situation. You used it to get her fired instead of being adult and having a conversation with her about it.

I’m betting that if you had a conversation with her about the situation, and explain that you didn’t mean to insult dogs, or people who have dogs, and that the common probably wasn’t necessary.

You don’t could’ve followed up with “that being said, commenting on my children in a public forum is something that I am not okay with, and I will not tolerate.” Then, if it happens again, absolutely report it. The only difference is she had the balls to take it up with you directly.

summitjunkie9 writes:

You didn't get her fired, her actions got her fired. Your boss made the decision based on the screenshots, and likely would have made the same decision if he'd found her comments some other way.

You also have no way of knowing, she may have already been on her last chance after some other things she had done, or complaints by other employees. This is not on you. And of course you already know this but "I would never want to have a dog myself" is not the same as targeted bullying toward actual children.

If she was so desperate for the job she should have been on her best behavior. I wouldn't be surprised if her lack of work history might be not because she's never had a job, but because she's never had a job that she didn't leave on such terrible terms that she cares to admit to it. NTA.

farsatisfaction writes:

NTA. I haven’t been in the workforce since 1991 when I became a SAHM for my kids so a gap is definitely there for me and social media wasn’t much of a thing for me back then. In fact I’m not sure it was a thing at all back then.

I’m a cat person but would never diss a person, coworker or not, for not liking cats. It’s not as if OP said “eww, dogs are disgusting”.

Besides all this, I’d never be so nasty to anyone like that. And, if I was the one who had been working at my place and a new hire decided to be nasty to me over her mistaking a comment of mine & deciding to diss me & my family on social media, I’d be unhappy, too, and would not want to work in the same place as them.

Not sure if I’d have been brave enough to go to my boss & say “it’s the new person or me that would be going”, but I’d definitely show the boss what they were doing.

Unfortunately, the new employee who was desperate for a job apparently didn’t think that there would be consequences to her actions on social media at work, considering it was a coworker she was harassing online.

Idk if just going to the boss and asking for a write up would’ve solved the issue or not. Since OP stated it’s a small business, I doubt there was another workspace away from OP they could’ve moved the new hire. And there’s no way of telling if a warning & a write up would’ve worked anyway.

randojcommando writes:

NTA. She took your comment personally, when it wasn't personal. She then used that to attack you and your kids personally. She created a hostile work environment between the two of you. She was way out of line for doing that.

I wouldn't want to work with her either. The animosity she showed towards you is not conducive to a good working relationship and good working environment.

Your comment that you don't like dogs, but you like other people's dogs is fine. I see nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.

Her reaction upon getting fired is also indicative of the type of person she is. Clearly she is a vindictive person. I bet things would have gotten bad between her and other employees in no time. The boss was right for firing her.

Looks like the jury's out on this one! What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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