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Employee gets back at abusive boss by publicly calling HR and using audio evidence.

Employee gets back at abusive boss by publicly calling HR and using audio evidence.


It can be hard to hold your tongue around a mean and annoying boss, but it's also necessary to keep your job. But what happens when a boss goes way too far? Do you fight back or suck it up?

A mother reached her wit's end after her boss made horrific comments about her child, so she decided to clap back in the best way possible. She still isn't sure if she did the right thing, so she (u/AITA-hrreport) took to Reddit to ask:

AITA (Am I the as*hole) for reporting my supervisor to HR for calling my daughter stupid?

I (27F) have a daughter (2F) who barely speaks. On a regular basis she only says four words, yes, no, Mama and blank (which she means blanket by). On a break, but still in the break room, I was talking to a coworker about all the speech therapy her doctor recommended, and how worried I was for her.

My boss walked in when I was explaining how few words she says, laughed, and said, “She’s probably just stupid.”

I froze because I saw red, and my coworker (who is also a childhood friend), grabbed my arm and basically dragged me out before I could do or say anything I’d regret. I started angry crying and she helped me calm down.

When I went back to my station, I ignored my supervisor since I need this job. However, she started making jokes to a coworker about my “mute r*tard daughter”.

Our stations have cameras with audio, so I immediately called HR, right in front of her, and made a complaint. She started screaming at me as I was, so HR pulled the video and audio. She might get fired since this is her fourth write up in six months.

I don’t feel bad, but her supervisor is constantly complaining now that we’re short handed since she can’t come back until the investigation is complete, and how screwed we’ll be if she does get fired. AITA (Am I the as*hole)?

What do you think? Is this something that could come back to bite OP after the investigation, and could make her job harder? Or was she being totally professional and standing up for her daughter appropriately?

Reddit ruled a hard NTA (Not the as*hole).

HotChildinDaCity says:

My son didn't speak until he was 3 years old. We were very freaked, and took him to specialists who said he might be non verbal for life. Then he just started chatting away, and never stopped. He's now a 27 year old happy, healthy, intelligent, awesome human being.

F*ck your supervisor and her small minded judgment. I hope she does get fired. You wouldn't have anything to report if she hadn't said it in the first place. NTA.

superfastmomma writes:

NTA. If a person cannot supervise without literally screaming they do not need to be there. Period.

ElectricPaladin comments:

NTA. It's not your fault this is their fourth write up in such a short time. It sounds like they're a jerk. If they hadn't made a habit of harassing their coworkers this would be their first write up.

IntentionPerfect agrees:

Your supervisor chose to call your daughter slurs and is causing her own issues. Don’t feel bad for lodging a complaint or defending your child. Your child isn’t stupid. Your child is trying and working hard. It’s absolutely not your supervisors place to say those things and make assumptions.

She made her bed, now she needs to lie in it. I hope your daughter continues to progress, you sound like a good mom who cares about her child.

So, there you have it!

This mama is not an as*hole in any universe, but her boss definitely is.

Sources: Reddit
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