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Employee won't accommodate coworker's 'fatal' strawberry allergy, is that wrong?

Employee won't accommodate coworker's 'fatal' strawberry allergy, is that wrong?


When this woman is annoyed with her coworker, she asks Reddit:

'AITAH for wanting to eat strawberries at my office even though my coworker is allergic?'

So I (25f) work in a pretty big office in a big city. The floor I work on is specifically for a branch of the company so there’s only a dozen people on that floor. I bring my lunch everyday because most of the time I don’t have time to get up and get food for myself.

One of my favorite foods is strawberries and I eat them all the time. About a week ago a women I’ll call Jane (47f) started working in the room about 7 doors down from me.

A couple days ago I pulled out my lunch and started munching on my strawberries while trying to type an e-mail. Jane knocks on my door and asks me what the hell I’m doing. She says this in a very high pitch, pissed tone, so I’m taken aback and All I can murmur out is a small “what-“ before she starts yelling at me.

She goes on about how I should know she’s allergic and that even smelling strawberries can cause her a severe reaction.

I cough on my strawberry and rush to put it back in it’s container and she gets even angrier that I didn’t already know. I apologize and put my food back in my lunch box then put it in the drawer of my desk.

The next day I go to my supervisor (I’ll call Derrick) to talk about the situation and ask if we could maybe put a sign up at the entrance of our office floor that tells us what allergies our coworkers have that way we can avoid mistakes that happened the day before.

He looks at me confused and asks what I’m talking about. I explain what happened the day before and he sighs and explains to me that Jane has no proven documentation about her allergy and didn’t put it on any allergies on the employee information sheet when she was employed.

I sigh with relief and ask if it’s okay I bring my strawberries the next day and he says it’s perfectly fine. So the next day i brought my strawberries and Jane goes off on me as I open my lunch and claims I’m trying to kill her.

She says this loud enough all of my other coworkers gather around my door and see what’s going on. Jane storms out and about half of my coworkers tell me I’m an asshole for doing that to her and walk out with her.

The other half sits there and tells me it’s fine and that she did the same thing to them but with different foods (examples: carrots, beans, avocado. Etc).

I’m getting a lot of angry emails calling me and asshole and I feel horrible but some of my coworkers are saying I did nothing wrong. Am I the asshole?

Let's find out.

randomwriter90 writes:

Jane is creating a hostile work environment. I'd report her to boss and HR to get her ass in line or fired. NTA.

swirlyflurry writes:

NTA. If she’s done this to other coworkers about other foods, I’m willing to bet she either just doesn’t like the smell or she likes the drama and attention. There’s no allergy involved, or she would have documentation.

Well, seems like OP is NTA. What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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