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Employee takes a chance on manager's strange offer of mystery basement box. + Outcome

Employee takes a chance on manager's strange offer of mystery basement box. + Outcome


"My manager offered me a mystery box of stuff from her basement"


I’ve been working at my job for a while now, since a little bit into university I guess. Friendly workplace, great pay for part-time work, and I spend a lot of time talking to my manager in the mornings when opening up the store. So we’re pretty friendly and on great terms.

The other day when opening up, she just bluntly asked me if I wanted to play the lotto. I, of course, said “with money?”

“No, with this box of stuff from my basement.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a lotto, yes or no.”

I of course laughed a lot (because anyone who doesn’t tell you what they want to give you from their basement makes it instantly suspicious) and tried to say no but my inner gambler said yes.

So now I’m waiting to receive a mystery box of stuff and have no idea what it might be. She said she’s going to bring it to work tomorrow after “getting the cobwebs off of it”. Should I be worried? I love my manager but this is suspicious as hell! Any thoughts or guesses?

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This just sounds like the kind of person that wants to get rid of stuff but can't toss it. So they give it away to someone they know and now poof it's your issue to go through it or toss it.
We have an elderly friend who brings over treasures once in a while and I've come to the conclusion that my tossing the items is how I'm helping out.

The OP responded here:


Mmmm maybe but also I swear it feels like she’s trolling me.


She probably inherited the stuff from previous owner or family/ relationship. Doesn't know what it is, so could be old valuables or random crap. But she doesn't want to or doesn't have time to individually go through it all.

That's my guess.



Since you didn't pay for it, why not? Have fun with it. Just stay safe.


That's so funny! I'd absolutely take the mystery box - who knows what treasures or cobwebs you'll discover. Enjoy the surprise!


Does your boss know you well enough to know what random bits of junk you may like? Could be old games or consoles. Your boss isn't going to want to be know as someone who gave their rubbish to anyone. I reckon your boss has interesting stuff for you. So. This was posted a day ago. Do you have "stuff" and photos of "stuff".

The OP again responded here:


Go to my update bro! 😆

The OP provided an update the day after their original post.

"Update: My manager offered me a mystery box of stuff from her basement"


So yesterday I mentioned my manager had offered me a mysterious box of stuff from her basement, and I was rightfully suspicious for obvious reasons. Well, tonight was my work holiday party, and I ended up getting a ride home from her afterwards while.

As I’m getting out, she mentions that she has the mystery lotto box with her now, and if I still wanted to play the lottery. Of course I was expecting to look through it at work before taking any of it home, not right outside my house!

And guys, I fully admit I was wrong. She handed me a 5 year old completely unopened Kitchen Aid. A BRAND NEW KITCHEN AID. My brain has short circuited. I don’t even think I’m still living in our reality anymore but that may be the margarita from dinner talking.

I have no words I’m sitting on my kitchen floor looking at this beautiful silver beast of a mixer. I’ve been making my cookie dough by hand and all the time we talked cooking in the mornings I told her my plan to save for a Kitchen Aid and buy all those fancy attachments to go with.

Turns out she had an extra sitting dusty in her basement from when she got her fridge. This, my friends, is why I’ll never be able to shake my inner gambling addiction. Best basement junk lottery I’ll ever win.

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Is there a chance she lied about it being a random find because she wanted an excuse to get you something you wanted?


Okay - time to go to sleep & end the night with this wholesome story. If not, next thing I know I’m reading about someone’s husband who turned out to be their cousin/brother who is trying to unalive themselves or someone else over an imaginary inheritance from their aunt/mother 🥲


I think this is the type of instance where, "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" comes into play.


This is so entertaining. Smart boss. If she has just offered it to OP, no excitement. But by doing the mystery box thing, she made it fun. OP feels like a winner, instead of "my boss gave me some old stuff."


Oh, I love this!

And as a baker, I fully relate to the complete overwhelm of being gifted a KITCHENAID! It's a great change of pace from the relationship-based drama that tends to fill this sub.


One of my old managers gave me a fully functional espresso machine because she won it in a raffle and already had a much better one. I can't wait until I'm a manager and I, too, can bestow useful electrical goods upon my troops.


This is definitely one of my new favorites. Those suckers last forever and have great warranties.

Anyone had a boss pull a fun surprise like this before?

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