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Creep told off for asking 'provocative' questions about coworker's daughter.

Creep told off for asking 'provocative' questions about coworker's daughter.


My co-worker has a daughter who has a bit of fame, she's not a celebrity or anything but she is 'public', to give an idea, she's verified on twitter and has a Wikipedia page, albeit small and outdated by a couple years.

I find her very interesting and entertaining and occasionally check on her socials to see what she's up to. I ask him about her sometimes as well and he sometimes tells little stories about her.

He and his wife divorced when she was 18. On her social accounts, I've noticed she only has 3 posts in total about her Dad on Instagram, one in 2020 for his birthday, one in 2019 which was a photo with him and her brother on fathers day and one in 2016 I think on his birthday too which was an old photo when she was a child.

For her mum (who still has the same marriage surname) she has a lot more photo's and posts about her and is definitely a lot more affectionate for her too.

Additionally, she also uses on her twitter and Instagram, her stage surname rather than her actual surname (aka his).

I felt like I could trust asking him how things are between him and her (an his son too), he's asked me very personal questions about my divorce in the past and I've worked with him for a quite a while and am on pretty good terms with him as a work partner and friend.

We spoke for a bit until I asked why he doesn't appear in any photos on her accounts, her sarcastically replied he was camera shy. I said fair enough.

I then asked why she likes using the stage name on her twitter and Instagram (it's also the surname I think of a family that is close to her/her family) and he replied that he 'doesn't really f**king know' (he sounded like a mix of sarcastic,angry and disinterested).

I asked a few more questions, he didn't really seem interested in answering, I could tell he was getting a bit annoyed so I stopped.

The next day, I arrive at work and he pretty much is ghosting and ignoring me.

I don't think much of it until later the day when the boss comes and takes me aside and gives me a warning, apparently I was asking him 'provocative' and 'harassing' questions, despite him not looking too bothered when I asked them. I go and try to talk to him and he just tells me to f**k off and leaves.

This nonsense reminds me of the crap someone in primary school would do. I've tried to contact him and nothing and I'm very annoyed at the moment and want to know did I do anything wrong?

OP resonded to questions:

refreshed82 OP says:

We have asked and discussed personal questions before, I've done the same with other co workers and like I mentioned we discussed my divorce with him, I felt it was alright to ask him but however with the response on here, I was wrong and won't bother him about it.

_Hologrxphic says:

YTA. Learn to mind your business. Her profile might be public but you’ve scrolled back to 2016 to find those photos - that’s just creepy af. If he wanted to talk to you about it he would.

refreshed82 OP says:

I just did a deep dive out of curiosity just to see if there were any photos or posts of him, I wasn't expecting there to be only 3.

Major_Zucchini5315 says:

You keep saying that you were curious to see how many pics of your coworker were on her page, but what I don’t understand is why? Why do you care how many pictures of her father are on her page?

refreshed82 OP says:

Curiosity and boredom.

Supergoch says:

YTA, you first seem to have an unhealthy obsession over his daughter and you didn't quickly grasp that they dont have a great relationship but you kept pestering him about it.

refreshed82 OP says:

I don't. I occasionally check it, I just felt like out of curiosity to see if she had any photos of him on there.

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