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16 people share moments that should've gotten people fired but they avoided it.

16 people share moments that should've gotten people fired but they avoided it.


Getting fired is never fun, but watching someone almost get fired is fun. The hoops people jump through to avoid trouble can be incredible to watch. Watching someone successfully land those jumps are just chef's kiss entertainment.

On a popular Reddit thread in the AskReddit Subreddit, people share the moments where they watched someone dodge getting fired when they probably should have.

The write:

1. LyricalJerrycal says:

I worked in a milk factory. I was working with a man that was a bit off. We had to take the milk cartons on a conveyor belt and place them on a pallet.

While we were working, he said, 'Time for a break' and slammed a blade used to open boxes into the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt was destroyed, and the machine was in maintenance for two days afterward.

2. AdamR91 says:

Coworker jokingly threw a box at my chest and knocked the wind out of me and I collapsed. He begged me not to tell anyone and I didn't. The guy was a weirdo.

He'd talk about how he'd burn insects and starts fires. Weird sh*t. He ended up getting in more trouble later on for some reason or another crass jokes, sexual comments either way, he eventually transferred stores and I never saw him again. This all happened back in 2013-14.

Fast forward to earlier this year 2023, my store was getting a major remodel, and he was one of the managers that came from afar with a team of workers to do the remodel. I was surprised he was still with the company, let alone in a leadership position.

I said hi to him a time or two, but he was busy with the remodel project on the other side of the store so I eventually stopped seeing him.

This whole time things were tense between the remodel crew and our store crew. Pallet jack's getting stolen, supplies going missing, etc. Both sides hated each other.

I hadn't seen (we'll call him John) in a few weeks and noticed there was a new manager on the remodel crew. Either way, things were finally cooling down between us.

Out of curiosity, I asked one of the remodel crew what had happened to John, and they told me, 'Oh, you didn't hear? He got demoted for trying to start problems between our teams. He'd tell us to steal your pallet jacks and tried getting a few people to fight.' Unreal.

3. SeveralAngryBears says:

When I was in high school, I worked at Dairy Queen. I was on the opening crew on Saturday, and the assistant manager unlocked the doors, let us in, and told us, 'Guys, I'm hungover right now, so I'm going to sleep in the back. Wake me up if you need me.'

She goes back and curls up on top of the laundry machines (we washed all the uniforms on site because they get covered in ice cream). It was a slow day, and she was the cool manager, so we all let her sleep and never told the owner.

Another night, one of our cook's buddies parked their car in our lot, and he just hung out there with them smoking weed for a couple of hours. If someone ordered food, we'd go out and get him.

He'd come back inside, cook it, and go back out. The rest of us had the decency to smoke after work, but nobody ratted him out either.

4. RewardNew5810 says:

Was working at McDonald’s. Watched a female crew member sneeze into her hands, and proceed to make a wrap and sent it out. I threw it in the bin before front staff got it.

I should mention - I was genuinely shocked to see it happen. McDonald’s are extremely strict on hygiene. I reported her to a manager, but she denied it and said she sneezed into her arm. We were too busy for anyone to check cameras.

5. _clydebruckman says:

At my last job we had this guy who seemed normal, I knew he did some club drugs outside of work but I don’t have a problem with that. Anyways, he shows up to work one day COMPLETELY f*cking blasted on ketamine.

Like couldn’t walk right, couldn’t talk. This mother f*cker gets mad at me when I send him home, the next day I get to work and our boss is like 'hey man what did you say to Tyler last night? He said you’re a huge a**hole and he’s never working with you again.'

I told him and my boss goes 'Oh. Okay. Well I think he quit, he said if I don’t fire you he’s done here.' Bold f*cking move to make after showing up in a k-hole during your third week of work at our company.

6. iateacakeonce says:

I worked at a special needs day program many years ago. Wednesdays were classic film days at the local theater, and we’d take the clients. I was a 1:1, meaning I had only one client. My direct superior had three, and a substitute had four. The substitute lost one of her guys and didn’t realize it until after the film when we counted clients.

Long story short, I got fired & the superior got fired. But the one whose responsibility it was to watch him kept her job. The client was fine, though; he was found a mile down the road asking for a police officer to help him find his way home.

7. BW_Bird says:

The supervisor left the safe open. He should have gotten fired at this job, but his blunder got overshadowed because one of the douchier employees stole 50k and went on the run for over half a day.

8. MrAlf0nse says:

The line Manager called his coke dealer, getting excited. Reappearing even more excited calls his deputy into a meeting room. Fifteen minutes later, we get the most incoherent nose-scratching pep talk ever.

9. single-left-sock says:

Me, when I used to show up to work drunk every day. I still don’t know how I got away with that. Someone knew. There was no way, my breath smelled, and my walking wasn’t straight. But management liked me, and drinking on the job was an immediate fire, so nobody said anything. I miss that job, and I don’t miss being drunk 24/7.

10. haolewahine808 says:

I work overnights at a hotel. They hired a guy to be the security/valet, and in the first two weeks, he was found sleeping on the job. The first time a third coworker found him. We told the manager, and nothing happened.

The second time the manager found him sleeping in the bell closet in a wheelchair. He got sent home but didn’t get fired.

11.PangolinIllustrious6 says:

My boss smacking me on the a** with a ruler. I got sent home for asking him what his f*cking problem was.

12. i-piss-excellence32 says:

Work in a residential setting for teens with behavioral issues. There’s one staff in particular who should not be working with kids and it was clear on my second day. He’s almost 50 and behaves like a 15 year old. He’s always going back and forth and gets mad about everything with them.

One day things got heated between him and a kid for the 100th time and he ends up choking the kid. The kid was actually being more mature about it and he wanted to continue to fight the kid.

We separated them and I was holding the staff back when he started to get mad at me for not letting him beat up a fourteen-year-old.

I’ve only been at this job for three months and was told by other staff that this has happened multiple times now with different kids. He still has a job because he’s best friends with the two bosses

13. darthxxdoodie says:

Medium-sized oilfield trucking company. Shift change every day at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., assigned trucks. If your truck is down, you slip seat into a different one. Driver A was the assigned driver of truck driver B was slip seating until his was back up.

For added conext: A is an older late 50s bar fly driver. Decades of experience in all types of units, slicked back hair, rockabilly type. B is an early 30s degenerate typical oilfield slob who looked like he needed a shower at the start of his shift.

Driver A says, 'Hey bud, I don't appreciate you leaving your trash and especially spit bottles in my truck. Next time, clean up after yourself. Your mom doesn't work here.'

About 30 other drivers in the shop are waiting to swap. Watch this exchange and crack up. Knowing how particular guys are about cleanliness.

Driver B, 'I don't see your name on the side of it. You have a problem, take it to the office or we take it outside.' A seeing that he has an audience ducks his head and mumbles something just loud enough to intrugue B. B takes a step in, A drops his cigarette in the bin, and turns around.

B is pissed now, comes within arms reach, and grabs A's shoulder. A whips around and back hands the living sh*t out of B who stumbles back, and everyone is quiet like a western movie. B exclaims 'You f*cking slapped me?!?!'

A now lighting a new cigarette takes a drag and say, 'I slap b*tches and punch men.' B had to just walk away as the audience laughed uncontrollably.

14. TheRadJellyfish says:

A girl at my work literally punched another employee in the face multiple times AT WORK. The girl who got punched left obviously. The girl who did the punching still works there to this day.

There's also a video of it that was sent to a lot of the employees BY HER. She definitely has blackmail on the owner. That's the only logical reason we can think of why he won't fire her.

15. GVFQT says:

On crack at work, doing nothing, thinking he was doing everything, but was in fact just talking a lot and sweating all over everything.

16. johnwalkersbeard says:

I worked in a giant office with an open office concept. Just desks everywhere, no walls. People walking all over having collaborative discussions. They installed white noise speakers overhead to dampen sounds so the conversations wouldn't travel too much.

One day this dude comes into work, opens up his laptop to login and .. you know when a video decides to be stuck and play when you thought your computer was shut off? Yeah, that happened. 'Uh! Uh! Uh! Oh god yeah, oh, f*ck me!' 'Awwwwww, yeah, imma put that sh*t in your mouth b*tch!'

He slammed his lid shut but it kept playing. So he opens it back up, logs in several, SEVERAL excruciating seconds go by, finally the login takes effect, and he's able to shut the video off. He then starts darting his head around. The guy across from him is smirking. I'm staring in disbelief.

AND LITERALLY NO ONE DID ANYTHING ELSE!!! THE WHITE NOISE MACHINES WORKED!! I'm gob smacked. To this day. How did no one hear it??

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