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Woman asks if it's OK to resign with one day's notice due to treatment by boss and HR.

Woman asks if it's OK to resign with one day's notice due to treatment by boss and HR.


"Would I be the AH, if I resigned with one day's notice?"

I've been with an organization just over a year. I am part of the administrative team. I handle everything from hotel reservations, flight reservations, catered lunch almost daily, to all the little things around the offices (22 total in our state). I have not heard any complaints and my boss is constantly telling me about all the praises and compliments she hears about me.

Well one day, 2 weeks ago, I failed to set up a meeting room (make coffee, tea, restock mini fridges, snack basket) This apparently upset my boss to the point she was micromanaging everything I did for the last 2 weeks. She would ask me to do something then immediately just do it herself.

Without giving me any time to finish one task before moving on to the next. I noticed her behavior changed from the past year, and I didn't know why. Finally yesterday it all came out (her and I had a meeting with HR). That's when I realized that it was the one mistake that I made of not setting up the room, one day out of countless times really upset her.

I apologized, I didn't realize how important that was to her, but that I was also not given any time following that incident to correct my mistake (we had several employees in that room for 2 weeks doing various trainings).

Then HR said they were made aware that I had been leaving early on Friday's for several weeks and they wanted to know the root of pattern.

I was confused because I had only left early the previous Friday but still worked 8 hours, 7:30am to 4pm, my normal schedule is 8am to 4:30pm but due to setting up the room, I went in at 7:30 that day as well as this Friday. Aside from that I requested a record showing my pattern of leaving early on Friday's.

They could not produce a record just kept insisting that I was doing it. They stated that several employees had made comments previously asking where I was, why was I leaving early or coming in late a couple of months ago.

But in the same example HR said we (her and my boss) knew it was due to my extremely bad morning sickness. I asked ok, if I communicated that isolated incident with my boss the days that it was happening then why is it now being brought up as an issue? The only response was 'well it is very important that you are here because everyone depends on you.' I am very aware of this.

Once I got medication to help with my extreme morning sickness I made sure to be at work everyday.

I felt as though they were just trying to find any excuse to throw at me for whatever reason. And what bothered me most is that HR kept telling me to take responsibility for my actions. I was made to feel like all my hard work the past year didn't matter and now I'm being punished without a chance to correct my mistake.

Our employees are very spoiled and well taken care of. In the last 2 weeks I have spent (company money) over 3k on catered lunches alone. Not to mention soda, candy, snacks, etc. I am 5 months pregnant running around taking care of everyone. I'm tired but I keep a smile on my face and do my job.

Would I be the ah if I just quit because I don't need the stress right now. My mom and fiancé think I should have quit on the spot.

Here's what people had to say:

SW said:

Companies never respect admins despite the fact many are doing work well above their pay grade as well as the lowest of tasks.

I was doing some of the work of engineers and machinery technicians and also tending to seeing the bathrooms were stocked and functional, ordering all office supplies and some mechanical ones, catering all safety meetings for the section.

I had no backfill and they kept adding responsibilities to my job (new programs to learn and teach people in my section). I was told for the 3rd year that maybe next year I would get a raise!!! I left for major back surgery and retired right after. Best decision ever!!!!!!!

LC said:

NTA. They don't seem to have any complaints on your big responsibilities like flights and hotels, only that you put the snacks in the wrong place. Quit, that'll teach em to be a bit more appreciative.

CZ said:

If you quit, you won't get things like unemployment benefits or any kind of insurance or severance pay. If you stay until and unless they let you go, you can collect on these benefits. They know this. You wouldn't be an a hole for leaving, but it could be worth sticking around a little longer.

MM said:

I say, have the baby first, go on maternity leave, then ghost

PSL said:

They want you to quit. They realize that you’re going to be on maternity leave soon. If you’re qualified for paid leave, that’s what they’re trying to avoid. Personally, I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of you leaving.

RP said:

NTA. And anyone who is still tied to the thinking that employees should have to put up with this sh*t, or that quitting without it would somehow ruin future prospects for you needs to catch up to how things work.

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