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Woman calls out husband's boss' 'trophy GF' for behavior at party; 'kids are around.'

Woman calls out husband's boss' 'trophy GF' for behavior at party; 'kids are around.'


AITA for politely telling my husband's boss's 'girlfriend' to be a little more discreet at a party?

My husband's boss at the small startup he works at was throwing a huge party for 2023 celebrating a big contract and funding round they landed (despite the recession I suppose). He is clearly doing well because he couldn't wait to show off his newly landscaped yard (with pool and jacuzzi), new Mercedes, and a clear trophy girlfriend.

This trophy girlfriend literally had nothing to talk about, hardly played host, and just wandered off halfway through the party into their jacuzzi, and basically stripped down to just her panties.

This was like less than 50 ft away from a party full of people, including 4 kids (around 4-7 years) including my 5 year old daughter!

I was appalled, waited to see if she would be out in a few minutes or something but then decided to wander over, and politely tell her, and I quote: 'Hey, this is a lovely party, but there are some kids around. Would you mind putting something on? Or saving it for after the kids bedtime?'

She barely acknowledged me, I felt awkward and left. I guess ten minutes later or so, she wandered off, talked to his boss, and then the boss comes over to my husband and gives him an earful.

Now I'm the terrible person because the boss apparently told my husband that I was rather impolite with his girlfriend and he hoped that I'd have a talk when we're invited over again in the future.

Info: She was sitting in the jacuzzi, it wasn't well lit but she was topless, facing away from the crowd.

Here's what people had to say:

RevolutionaryFly2500 writes:

YTA. You also put your husband in an awful spot now.

parababel OP responded:

I know, I feel awful. I was polite though.

Significant_Video_92 writes:

Lol, the ' trophy girlfriend'. Do you know their pillow talk? Maybe she has a PhD. Why do women put down other women like this? YTA.

parababel OP responded:

I tried to have conversations with her. It was painfully obvious she did not have a PhD. I have friends who have PhDs by the way.

KennaRhys writes:

Or maybe she found you to be a bore and didn't want to put effort into talking to you.

parababel OP responded:

She didn't want to talk to anyone! Why is everyone jumping over themselves to defend this person?

InsectLord writes:

YTA for the misogynistic “trophy girlfriend” comments alone.

parababel OP responded:

How is it misogynistic? He's nearly twice her age.

a7o3 writes:

Oof woman, HUGE YTA.

I’m not even going to delve into your husband’s boss’s girlfriend’s choice in wardrobe. Whether or not you had a point, it was far from your place to keep her in check. Husband’s. Boss’s. Girlfriend. Why was that possibly your job.

You know what was your job? Protecting your husband’s interests. Like maybe, I don’t know… not making his boss’s girlfriend feel humiliated at her own party. You pissed off your husband’s boss for no good reason.

What were you thinking? What did you possibly have to gain from this? It sounds like jealousy based on how you insist she was a “trophy girlfriend” and the overall lack of logic present in your actions.

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