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Woman shunned at work for refusing to split dinner bill evenly because she ate less. AITA?

Woman shunned at work for refusing to split dinner bill evenly because she ate less. AITA?


"AITA for refusing to split a bill evenly?"

So I (F26) went out for dinner with the other ladies in my office. Money is a bit tight at the moment so whilst everyone else ordered 3 courses and was drinking alcohol, I only ordered a main meal and was drinking water all evening.

Come time to pay the bill, the lady who'd organised the evening told the waitress we'd be splitting the bill 6 ways evenly. This would've meant I'd have had to pay £60 when the total amount for what I'd consumed was £16.

When she sent the email about the night she never mentioned splitting the bill that way. I quietly tried to explain I'd only budgeted for what I'd eaten and I assumed we'd all be paying for ourselves, it would put me in a difficult position for the rest of the month if I paid out £60.

They decided to work out the bill separately and we all paid for what we'd consumed, but now the ladies in the office are ignoring me and planning another night out without me. I couldn't really afford to go out anyway, but I went because I'm quite new to this job and I didn't want to be left out. Did I do it wrong? Should I have just paid the £60?

Here's what people had to say:

sherlocked27 said:

NTA in that situation and NAH for the planned outing. They might be going for another dinner and not invited you knowing you can’t afford it. They might be trying to spare you the possible embarrassment of putting you in that position. Don’t be offended. They can afford it so they’re going out. Do you expect them not to hang out without you?

No-Structure-8125 OP responded:

No of course not, they've all known each other a lot longer than they've known me. It just seems a bit more personal than that when they're all also not talking to me.

agentrossi176 says:

NTA, they're being rude. Splitting the bill evenly is only ok if everyone agrees ahead of time. Sure they don't have to invite you again, but why would anyone want to hang out with a bunch of rude snobs who would hold money over someone like that?

GG1312 says:

Try to get them to invite you to dinner again and then buy at least £200 worth of food and then ask them to split the bill.

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