Nobody likes getting dumped. It's humiliating and sickening to be rejected by the one person who you thought wasn't going to reject you. But life goes on, and there are surprising benefits. For one thing, your breakup might become a horrifying, weird, or sad story that you can tell on Reddit. These people traded romantic bliss for viral fame and never looked back:

She's taking it well.
She's taking it well.

1. Poor BartokTheBat realized that food and relationships are both seemingly wonderful things that are actually loaded with poison.

One guy broke up with me after he'd been cheating on me for 6 months. He took me to a restaurant to try and "mend" the relationship. I was hospitalised with food poisoning a day later. The day after that I woke up at 6am - still in this hospital - to a text that said "I just don't want to be your boyfriend." He then called himself my best friend and phoned me at 6pm that night to see how I was "coping" with the break up. Asshole.