Breakups are almost never easy. Whether you're the breaker-upper or the breaker-uppee, there's bound to be sadness and disappointment.

Unless, of course, you're not the sensitive type. Like this busy, on-the-go woman who sent a breakup text to FOUR GUYS at once, letting them know that she was actually getting back with her ex, and therefore cutting them all loose.

The text conversation, which was posted on Reddit by user magnetometers, shows a woman, identified only as A, sending a text to what is clearly a group of four people. Time-saving, yes. Smooth, not so much.


Her message reads,

Hey soo this isn't the message I guess you want to be getting but my ex contacted me again on the weekend and came to my work today and I have decided instead of breaking up we are going to give each other a second chance and start to date again and see what happens. I really don't know what else to say.

Well, an apology of sorts might be nice, but then again, I don't know the exact circumstances. At least one of the dudes was a little peeved, writing back, "Doing it via group message to all the guys you're talking to. Efficient I guess."


It's a helpful text, in that it not only lets the guys know that the woman is no longer available, but also lets them know there were four of them, in case they harbored the silly thought that there was only one. Now at least they can commiserate together, until they inevitably get a text from "A" reading, "Hey soo things with my ex didn't exactly work out so if any of you are up for a second go, hit me up."