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19 people who caught their ex cheating share what happened.

19 people who caught their ex cheating share what happened.


Whether you find texts or overhear late night phone calls or, worst of all, walk in on a cheating partner, there are few experiences more painful than catching someone being unfaithful. But there is a small silver lining: you now have all the evidence you need to end the relationship and GTFO, without looking back. There's nothing a cheater can do or say to defend themselves against receipts.

In a popular Reddit thread, someone asked: "how did you catch your cheating ex?"

These 19 people share their stories of how they discovered their ex's infidelity:

1.) From corybomb:

She literally texted me the whole story, thinking it was being sent to her best friend. Pretty devastating.

2.) From TwoTonJoe:

Found a burner phone hidden in the closet.

Every night for about 3 weeks she'd go into the bathroom for a good 15-20 minutes, but each time I'd hear the closet door open and shut; once as soon as she went in, and once right before she came out. Didn't take long for me to figure it out.

Sources: Reddit
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