Alison Chappell from Leicester, England, managed to post a scathing review of her cheating ex-boyfriend within a glowing review of the restaurant where she learned he was cheating on her, the Daily Mail reports. This might be the most well-mannered public shaming in internet history.

The review, which has since been removed from Facebook after multiple news sources picked it up, is an absolute gem:


"Really nice bar, lots of atmosphere and good Sauvignon Blanc," she wrote. But she then continued: "Unfortunately halfway through said wine my boyfriends phone bleeped with a Tinder message...."

Being a no-nonsense gal, Chappell ended it right there. "He consequently got dumped and we drove back to Leicester," she wrote.

But regardless of their "very uncomfortable car journey" home, she would "recommend this pub definitely." But under this condition: "best to go with someone who isn't a lying cheating s**t head as you'll have a much nicer time than I did."


Duly noted, Alison!

Then the story gets even better (and British-er). Because the restaurant posted this wonderfully over-the-top response:

Alison responded:


And then Sutlers Pub and Alison Chappell and Sauvignon Blanc lived happily ever after. And no cad, bounder or scallywag ever disrespected the maiden again.

Sources: Daily Mail