We live in an era ruled by social media, begins this article you probably clicked through Facebook to read. We take to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to record every detail of our lives from the mundane (look at my sandwich!!!!) to major milestones (look at my husband!!!).

But if we can brag about our engagements, weddings, babies, vacations and our damn sandwiches, why can't we brag about our divorces? Well, we can. And we are.

In the latest #selfie trend, people are taking to Instagram to document their divorces just as they would their engagements or weddings, using the hashtag #divorceselfie. Because who doesn't love a good divorce at the end of a terrible marriage? Sure, they can get messy. But apparently they can be fun, too (or at least amicable).


Just look at all these smiling divorcing faces:

"The fish is happy, too."


More excited than out our wedding day. #heresyoursign #divorceselfie

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"More excited than on our wedding day."

#divorceselfie Glad we can still be friends and laugh at this.

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"Glad we can still be friends and laugh at this."


"Can we take a divorce selfie?" "Duh. In front of the eagle?"

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Want a divorce yet?


Di-vorce! Di-vorce! Di-vorce!

Others are sad, but also sweet.


#HappyEnding #GameOver #DivorceSelfie jajaja 😂😂 @co_o3

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This guy took a #divorceselfie with his (now)ex-wife AND his new partner. This is next-level.

Some of these divorces seem especially peaceful, like this one:


With all of these great divorce pics on Instagram, you never-married or happily married people might feel a little jealous. But remember, there is nothing wrong with staying married, if that feels right for you.

And unmarried people: don't worry. You, too, could get divorced one day.

To everyone else, happy divorcing!!!!!!!!

Don't forget to take tons of pics and post them on Instagram so we can celebrate you and your beautiful divorce.