Back in February, The Scene published a heartbreaking video of a woman confronting her serial cheater ex-boyfriend to discuss their failed relationship face-to-face. It quickly went viral, and millions of people watched as exes Kourtney and Leonard sat just inches from each other to have a heartbreaking conversation most of us would avoid at all costs.

Leonard became the villain of the internet, while Kourtney garnered sympathy and support from commenters who dubbed her "hurt bae."

ICYMI, here is the original video:


Now Kourtney has returned to The Scene to update us on her relationships, becoming a meme, and the seven things she has learned since going viral.

"Hurt bae has moved on. Hurt bae is happy bae!" said Kourtney in the new video.

She told viewers that since becoming "hurt bae," she has been keeping pretty busy. She is applying to grad school, modeling, and trying to keep up with her newly-acquired massive social media following. Of course, the topic of her ex did come up, but she handled it with grace. "I think Leonard is doing okay, but he may need a hug," said Kourtney, adding, "He may be hurt bae now. He may be the hurt bae."


My, how the tables have turned.