Congratulations Donnie and not Jenny! (Via Getty Images)

This Sunday saw the 90's nostalgia wedding no one has been dreaming of between New Kids On The Block "bad boy," Donnie Wahlberg and Playboy Playmate of the Year (1994), Jenny McCarthy. 


Despite how no one has dreamt of this wedding, none of us were dreaming of it less than Mark Wahlberg, who declined to make an appearance at the event. 

That doesn't mean that he didn't care to send his regards, though. Instead of standing by his brother for the big moment, he did the next best thing: he sent a public Instagram video of congratulations.  

If it sounds impersonal, that's because it was! Who needs to get the whole family dressed up when you can just set up a quick video accompanied by your wife and completely disinterested children? Mark keeps the vibe cool and casual with his legs spread wide open like he's trying to protect his space on a busy subway car. 

So why did Marky Mark and fam send a dispassionate and totally public round of "congratulations," instead of share in the couple's nuptials in person?

Mark blames their lack of attendance on daughter Ella's 11th birthday party, but it seems like a cop-out to me. Ella barely even acknowledges the mention of her birthday in the video. A more subtle clue as to why they didn't go to the wedding? No one mentions the bride at all.