Likewise, drinking may make some boys seem sullen, but most just get angry. (VIa)

Based on the digitally preserved dating guide below, apparently from the year 1938, women looking for love pre-Pearl Harbor were drunk lushes who were prone to getting dressed in front of their date, crying at the table, and grabbing at the rear view mirror to put on makeup even while "Man" is driving.

This thing hit reddit's front page today, but it's apparently been popping up on the web for years, perhaps because so many of these tips below still apply. For example, talking to a man while he's dancing is not just rude, but when a man succumbs to the spirit of dance, much like a sleepwalker, waking him with idle chit-chat could send him into a disoriented, violent frenzy. "If you need a brassiere, wear one" is a little archaic, leftover from when cashiers kept little jars of brassieres next to the register for ladies who might need that extra support.

Sources: Redditor epicnesshunter