My only concern is that all those tears will make the road slippery.

I hope you have a heart of stone, because otherwise you're about to cry. About a year and a half ago, before their 49th anniversary, Joe Mikolajczak paid for a billboard to go up dedicated to his wife Marylou on their 50th wedding anniversary. Sadly, Marylou passed away this April. Joe told her about his plans shortly before she died and she said he was nuts. He still thought she was worth it.

If you're not already embarrassing yourself at your desk with tears, Joe decided that whether or not Marylou was around, he would still put up a billboard to tell everyone how great she was and that he still loves her. The dates on the billboard don't match up to their marriage—it's now a testament to her life, which he misses badly. 

Sources: Fox 6 Milwaukee | BuzzFeed