It makes perfect sense to both buy and sell a wedding dress on eBay, but it's kind of sad when the dress puts itself up for sale because it never made it down the aisle.

For sale: wedding dress, never worn. (Via The Huffington Post)

eBay seller "ijustheardtheshoppingbellring" was apparently still too sad that she and her fiancé called off their engagement just before their nuptials were to take place. When she went to unload the dress on eBay, she wrote the listing from the point of view of the dress: a lacy size 8 by Diane von Furstenberg (in white).

"I was going to be the main attraction of a 60s wedding theme," the saddest dress in the world wrote. "I was going to be low-key, but elegant."

The dress, which will not be worn by the 30-year-old British woman who originally bought her, describes itself as "not over the top, nor too dressed down" and says you "could perhaps wear me to other occasions in the future."

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