The 17 most annoying boyfriends in Internet history will make you glad you're single.

The 17 most annoying boyfriends in Internet history will make you glad you're single.

The Internet is littered with the smoldering remains of celebrity boyfriends who didn't pan out; cheating boyfriends who got, quote unquote, what was coming to them; and—*shudder*—adorable boyfriends who went viral. But it is the annoying boyfriends who live forever in our webby hearts as peak Internet. These are the idiots and jokesters who pull obnoxious pranks on for the sole delight of their Tumblr followers and the everlasting dismay of their significant others. Heroes, all. Find them below.

1. The ​guy who could not stop making IKEA puns to his increasingly vulnerable girlfriend.

"Hey, Dana!" becomes a war trumpet heralding another unrelenting pun attack aimed at the heart of her sanity. The man's a pun-master, and his girlfriend makes the following face approximately 10 seconds into the video:

The puns continue forever in her nightmares.

2. The guy who made absolutely sure his girlfriend regretted asking him to pick up her makeup.

It goes on and on, here.


3. The guy who thought his Xbox tweet to his lady friend "Danni" was clever—

—when it wasn't. Danni's response was clever.

Bye Felicia.

4. The cruel boyfriend who popped the wrong question on his unsuspecting, unbelievably gullible girlfriend.

So I popped the big question today..

Posted by Brad Holmes on Sunday, February 14, 2016

She did get him back, though.

So Brad got his cuppa tea.. Payback!

Posted by Brad Holmes on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

But it wasn't really as good.

5. Simple. Undeniable. This boyfriend who has a snore that sounds like a question. It is intolerable.

6. The guy who intentionally misunderstood his girlfriend's request for flowers.

A Tesco delivery man knocked my door yesterday morning and I sent him away telling him he had the wrong address! we've...

Posted by Paige Williams on Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Tesco delivery man knocked my door yesterday morning and I sent him away telling him he had the wrong address! we've never ordered online from Tesco and why on earth did I need 12 bags of flour? He came back insisting the delivery was for me as he'd spoke to my boyfriend!

Definitley the last time I'll ever mention that I'd love to have flowers delivered to the house!!

By the way the delivery driver was lovely

Boyfriends make bad puns, for they are training to become dads.

7. Up for interpretation, but you at least have to consider including this guy who accused his GF of sleeping with the entire Wu-Tang Clan.


Even though the judge clearly thinks she did it, it's still annoying for your jealous boyfriend to not only accuse you of cheating, but to insist, over and over again in a court of law, that you cheated with an entire clan of Wu-Tangs. Watch the first 12 seconds of that video. Please.

8. This mustachioed villain who bought his girlfriend a fake pregnancy test.

(And honorable mention to whatever devious boyfriend invented fake pregnancy tests.)

9. The world's least-secure boyfriend, who started a GoFundMe so he could afford to follow his girlfriend on spring break.

Somebody tell boo I see her in the morning 💅

A post shared by Hail Zel (@hail_zel) on


And succeeded. "You thought this was your trip this our trip. We on spring break. Ain't no spring without me. I put the 'I' in spring."

"I miss my friends," says his (at the time) girlfriend.

10. Some call the dude who proposed secretly for 148 straight days "adorable." 

Others, like this writer, will point out that the girlfriend in question must have hated never seeing any of the selfies her boyfriend was taking. And also feeling really stupid when she realized what was going on nearly half a year later.


11. The guy who used his girlfriend leaving her purse at his house as an invitation to Internet fame.

And so it began.
He just did this, over and over.
In different locations.
Until it had to stop.

12. Or this guy, who did the exact same thing but with his girlfriend's live animal he was babysitting.

"Living fast as slowly as possible."
Probably a fetish some humans have, also.

Why do boyfriends think it is amazing to take photos of their girlfriend's possessions in weird situations? Because they're clever geniuses, that's why.

13. The boyfriend who proposed in an aquarium photo booth...


...and doomed the couple to the silliest engagement photo of all time.“Had I known this was going to be our engagement photo,” she said on Reddit. “I might have chosen a different background.”

14. The dingus who accompanied this photo with, "Sometimes I think my girlfriend is just too lucky to have me..."

Ah yes, very clever.

15. The boyfriend who very annoyingly became an ex-boyfriend and a cat-lady at the same time.

He writes:


1. You refuse to update your relationship status on Facebook

2. You won't include me in things like the wedding this weekend. I should have been the one to escort you

3. You are rude to my cat and that makes me uncomfortable

4. You do not share your time equally and by now your boyfriend should be taking priority

5. Your swearing is very unladylike

6. You won't disclose how many sexual partners you have had which makes me think it is upwards of 3 and anything more than that is unacceptable

Obviously, number 3 is the winner—but number 5 is a close second, if that makes sense.


16. Clearly, the boyfriend who just laughs and films while his girlfriend's kid plays with her giant floppy dildo.


17. The artist slash boyfriend who returned a sweet note with some creative stick f*ckers.

Here's his

In case that wasn't charming enough, he followed it up with this note on Reddit, "...needless to say I didn't get laid that night."

Every boyfriend on this list.

Great job, gentlemen! You're the 17 most annoying boyfriends on the far. There will be more.