It's a small, horny world after all.

Unlike the inhabitants of certain mountain ranges of this country, Icelanders have an excuse for incest: they have 319,000 people and no last names. Their last names are made out of a parent's first names, plus -son or -dottir. So, if your name was Timmy and your dad was Tommy, you'd be Timmy Tommyson. Or Sally Tommysdottir. Your sister would have a different last name. You can also be named after your mother, so let's say Timmy Tommyson and Sally Tommysdottir got into a big fight and moved across the tiny little country from each other. Timmy Tommyson has a kid named Katie Timmysdottir and Sally has a kid named Charlie Sallyson. Katie and Charlie are both really hot and when they meet, it's like they're just so similar. Then, they meet the parents and suddenly Charlie has to move to that frozen hellhole, Greenland, so that no one knows this happened.

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