Did you see the movie The Hangover? This bachelor party is the opposite of The Hangover.

You said it, pillar! #chicagoforone

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Soon-to-be married man Robbie Chernow flew from New York to Chicago last week for one last round of ultimate partytimes with The Boys. However, none of The Boys made it. The Boys' flights were canceled, leaving Robbie to celebrate his last weekend of freedom totally Boy-less. However, he documented his one-man bachelor party on Instagram, and it's as funny as it is sad.

Robbie told Mashable, "The plan was always for me to arrive a few hours early... But once I landed I was notified that Delta canceled the flight that everyone else was supposed to be on and couldn't rebook them in a timely fashion." Even though he did all the activities solo, he got to do a lot of fun stuff and even commended his friends for planning "a very fun weekend."

Sources: h/t Mashable