Woman's comically bad boyfriend decides to gift her a clothes iron for her birthday.

Woman's comically bad boyfriend decides to gift her a clothes iron for her birthday.

An anonymous woman took to the internet to get some perspective on the blind rage she felt after her boyfriend gifted her an unwrapped "clothes iron" for her birthday. Here's the beginning of her very justifiable complaint:

So my and my boyfriend recently rekindled our romance and got back together after a few months "break". We are supposed to be trying our best to make things work and make each other happy.....

Just pause and reflect a second on the fragile emotions that go into "a few months 'break.'"

Now think of a gift that conveys your relief and gratitude to be back in a committed relationship with the person you love.

Are you thinking of an iron?

Here's exactly what happened, and keep in mind this lady doesn't even bring up the sexist implications of getting your girlfriend a freaking iron for her birthday.

So the other day it was my birthday and he very gleefully presented me with my birthday gift, which turned out to be a clothes iron. It was cheap, he had bought it from a shop near his home, in my opinion he made no effort whatsoever, he didn't even wrap it!! I told him straight away that i wasn't happy, i don't want my boyfriend to buy me an iron for my birthday! He said I'm so ungrateful; he heard me say i needed an iron so he went and got me one so why am i complaining.

I don't know, I'm just really disappointed, an iron for a birthday gift just seems so shit to me, he thinks I'm spoilt and should just be happy for what i get. Seriously this kind of thing makes me think maybe we are not right for each other, i really do feel totally disillusioned about our relationship now.

Please can you give your opinions about this? Thank you!

TL;DR BF gave me an i iron for my bday, i think its a shit present, he thinks I'm an ungrateful bitch.

Yes, anonymous lady, you are justified in your anger at receiving an unwrapped iron for your birthday.

Couldn't he have put a little bow on it at least?


Commenters largely agreed that this woman's sordid account of the birthday present gone wrong was not unique to her boyfriend alone.

One redditor shared her own incident, articulating a fascinating difference between men and women.

Yeah, I had a similar talk with my now-husband after he bought me a vacuum for my birthday. I told him unless I specifically ask for something related to household chores, please do not get me anything in that category. I explained to him that an ideal gift should be an indulgence, something that person would normally not buy on their own.

I think perhaps it is a difference between us two, because he LOVES it when I buy him tools, which he uses for work. I don't think it is uncommon for women to feel like they are put into a maid / mom role in relationships, and gifts like an iron perpetuate that expectation.


Another commenter, MidnightMalaga, shared a story of one husband who used the bad-gift trope as his own glorious punch line.

My stepdad got my Mum a vacuum for Christmas one year. Wrapped it up, handed it over, went, "I know you've been wanting to replace the old one."

The joke lasted about thirty seconds before he pulled out her real present - her favourite brand of perfume and a new book by an author she loves. Because while we did need a new vacuum, that's not a gift. You're an adult, perfectly capable of purchasing your own iron. A gift should reflect the relationship between giver and giftee and show that the person giving the gift cares about what you want. What do you think this gift says about what your boyfriend thinks of you?


Hopefully, with time and many nice gifts, the unhappy couple from our first story manages to become the happy couple from the last one. After, of course, they IRON THINGS OUT. (Sorry.)